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Tag: Suntingan perangkat seluler Suntingan peramban seluler
Tag: Suntingan perangkat seluler Suntingan peramban seluler
* [[Westwood One (1976-2011)|Westwood One]] – dijual ke [[The Gores Group]] pada tahun 2008
* [[Xfire]]
===Dormant or shuttered===
====CBS Entertainment Group====
* [[CBS Cable]]
* CBS Connections
* CBS Consumer Products — Licensing and merchandising unit focused on the United States market, founded in 2009.<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=CBS Consumer Products Inc|website=Company Profiles|publisher=Bloomberg|url-status=live|archive-url=|archive-date=28 November 2019|access-date=28 Nov 2019}}</ref><!-- This article was PRODed and revised to a redirect. -->
* CBS EcoMedia
* CBS EYE Productions
* [[CBS Innertube]]
* [[CBS Records (2006)|CBS Records]]
* [[CBS Laboratories|CBS Technology Center]]
* [[CBS Theatrical Films]]
* [[Cinema Center Films]]
* [[FindArticles]]
* [[GameRankings]] – Shut down on December 9, 2019, with its staff and older reviews being merged with Metacritic.<ref name="Kotaku RIP">{{cite web|last=Plunkett|first=Luke|title=RIP|url=|website=[[Kotaku]]|publisher=[[G/O Media]]|access-date=2019-12-06|date=2019-12-05|df=mdy-all}}</ref><ref name="GR shut down">{{cite web|title=GameRankings Shutting down |url= |archive-url= |archive-date=2019-12-04}}</ref><ref name="Gamastura GameRankings closure">{{cite web|url=|title=Review aggregator site GameRankings is shutting down |last=McAloon|first=Alissa|work=[[Gamasutra]]|date=December 5, 2019|access-date=December 5, 2019}}</ref>
* [[King World Productions]]
** Eyemark Entertainment
*** [[Westinghouse Broadcasting|Group W Productions]]
*** MaXam Entertainment
** King World Direct Inc.
** King World Merchandising, Inc.
* [[Paramount Stations Group]]
* [[Paramount Television]]
** [[Desilu Productions]]
** Viacom Enterprises
*** [[Terrytoons]] (theatrical library transferred into Paramount Animation)
** [[Viacom Productions]]
*** Viacom Pictures
* [[Spelling Television]]
** Thomas-Spelling Productions
** Laurel Entertainment
** [[Worldvision Enterprises]]
*** [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]] Films
*** Taft Entertainment Television
**** [[Quinn Martin|QM Productions]]
**** Schick Sunn Classic Productions
**** Titus Productions
*** Evergreen Programs, Inc.
*** Worldvision Home Video LLC
** [[Charter Company]]
** [[Republic Pictures]]
*** [[National Telefilm Associates]]
**** Hollywood Television Service
***** Studio City TV Productions
**** [[NBC]] Films
***** California National Productions
**** [[U.M. & M. TV Corporation]]
** [[Sunset Beach (TV series)|Spelling Daytime Television]]
* [[UPN]]
* [[Westinghouse Electric Corporation]]
** [[Westinghouse Broadcasting|Westinghouse Broadcasting Company]] (Group W)
*** InterStar Releasing (51% controlling stake)
====MTV Networks/Viacom Media Networks/ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks====
* [[All News Channel]] (50% joint venture with [[Hubbard Broadcasting]])
* [[]] – absorbed into [[Comedy Central]]
* [[The Box (U.S. TV channel)|The Box]]
* [[CMT Films]]
* [[Defy Media]] (7%)
** AddictingGames
** [[Shockwave (game portal)|Shockwave]]
* [[MTV Chi]]
* [[MTV Desi]]
* [[MTV K]]
* [[Nickelodeon Games and Sports for Kids|Nick Games and Sports for Kids]]
* [[Nickelodeon Magazine]]
* [[Nickelodeon on Sunset]]
* [[Nickelodeon Studios]]
* [[NickMom]]
* [[Nick Radio]]
* Quizilla
* [[VH1 Uno]]
* Viacom Music – music publisher affiliated with BMI
* [[Viacom NEXT]]
* [[TNN Motor Sports/TNN Sports|World Sports Enterprises]]
====CBS Studios International and MTV Networks International/Viacom International Media Networks/ViacomCBS Networks International====
* [[5Spike]]
* [[Big CBS Prime]] (joint venture with [[Reliance Broadcast Network]])
* [[Big CBS Love]] (joint venture with [[Reliance Broadcast Network]])
* [[BIG CBS Spark]] (joint venture with [[Reliance Broadcast Network]])
* [[CBS Action]] (joint venture with [[AMC Networks International]])
* [[Kindernet]]
* [[The Music Factory|TMF]]
* [[VIVA Germany|VIVA]]
====Simon & Schuster====
* [[Cash Money Content]] – a co-venture with [[Cash Money Records]]
* [[Marble Arch Press]] – co-publishing agreement with the United Kingdom publisher Short Books
* [[Mercury Ink]] – co-publishing deal with Glenn Beck and Mercury Radio Arts
* [[Gallery Publishing Group|MTV Books]] – young adult and pop-culture imprint of [[Gallery Books]] Group
* [[North Star Way Books]] – inspirational non-fiction imprint with additional services for authors
* Simon451 – speculative fiction and fantasy imprint
====Paramount Pictures====
* DreamWorks Distribution, LLC – theatrical distribution arm of DreamWorks Pictures and DreamWorks Animation
* DreamWorks Home Entertainment- folded into Paramount Home Entertainment
* DW Funding LLC – library holder of live-action DreamWorks films
*[[Paramount Cartoon Studios|Famous Studios (later Paramount Cartoon Studios)]] – closed after [[Gulf and Western Industries|Gulf+Western's]] acquisition of [[Paramount Pictures]] in 1967
*[[Fleischer Studios]] – acquired by Paramount Pictures and reorganized as [[Paramount Cartoon Studios|Famous Studios]] in 1942
* [[Insurge Pictures]]
* [[Liberty Films]]
* Melange Pictures, LLC – library holder of [[Republic Pictures]] films
** Budd Rogers Releasing Corporation
** [[Commonwealth United Entertainment]]
*** The Landau-Unger Company
**** [[Astor Pictures]]
*** [[United Pictures Corporation]]
** [[The Enterprise Studios]]
** Spelling Films
***[[Taft Broadcasting|Taft International Pictures]]
**** Sunn Classic Pictures
* [[Paramount Comics]] – partnership with [[Marvel Comics]] for comics based on Paramount's film library
* [[Paramount Famous Productions]]
* [[Paramount Vantage]]
** Paramount Classics
* Screenlife Games
* Wilshire Court Productions – made-for-TV movie division; library sold to CBS Corporation in 2006
* [[Paramount Home Entertainment|Paramount DVD]]
* [[Paramount Home Entertainment|Paramount High Definition]]