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Templat ini digunakan untuk memberitahukan pembuat halaman yang memenuhi [[WP:KPC|kriteria penghapusan cepat]], jika tidak diberikan kriterianya, untuk memasukkan alasan yang ditentukan pengguna.
This template is intended to be used to notify the creators of articles tagged for deletion under [[WP:CSD]], if no particular criterion is identified, to include user-specified reasons.
PlaceSubstitusikan dengan menyalin <kbd><nowiki>{{subst:db-reason-notice|</nowiki>''pagejudul namehalaman''|''reasonalasan''<nowiki>}}</nowiki></kbd> ondi thehalaman talkpembicaraan page of the user who created the article, or any user who edited it significantly or who you think ought to be notifiedpengguna. ReplaceGanti ''pagejudul namehalaman'' withdengan thejudul exacthalaman nameyang ofAnda the article you have tagged, as you would put the name in a linktandai. ReplaceGanti ''reasonalasan'' with the reasons for thedengan speedyalasan deletionAnda.
==Parameter opsional==
Optionally, omit article wizard box if not good faith by user to be notified.
*'''No header:''' <kbd><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Wikipedia:Template substitution|subst]]:db-reason-notice|''page name''|''reason''}}</kbd>
===Article wizard box===-->
*'''NoTanpa articlewisaya wizard boxartikel:''' <kbd><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Wikipedia:Template substitution|subst]]:db-reason-notice|''page name''|''reason''|wizard=0}}</kbd>
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