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:@[[Pengguna:WhisperToMe|WhisperToMe]]: Hello! This is quite complicated as photograph of buildings and structures in Indonesia may not be accepted on Commons on the basis of no FoP law in Indonesia. Some DRs have been raised such as [[:c:Commons:Deletion_requests/Buildings_and_structures_uploaded_by_David_Wadie_Fisher-Freberg|Commons:Deletion_requests/Buildings_and_structures_uploaded_by_David_Wadie_Fisher-Freberg]]. You may not want to waste the time of Wikimedians to take the photograph of these buildings and see their images get deleted. Best, '''&middot;&middot;&middot;''' <span title="Bunga sakura">🌸</span> [[User:Rachmat04|'''Rachmat04''']] '''&middot;''' [[User talk:Rachmat04|<span title="Ayo diskusi!">☕</span>]] 3 April 2021 05.27 (UTC)
::{{Replytoping|Rachmat04}} Ah, I didn't know Indonedia does not have freedom of panorama. Note even if they cant be on the Commons they could be locally uploaded to the English Wikipedia or the French Wikipedia. However for each one needs to find newspaper articles which talk about the building so the article has commentary on the building. [[Pengguna:WhisperToMe|WhisperToMe]] ([[Pembicaraan Pengguna:WhisperToMe|bicara]]) 17 April 2021 13.10 (UTC)
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