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Hello Indonesian Wikipedia! There is currently a discussion about a proposal for flagged revisions for this language version of Wikipedia at [[:meta:Requests for comment/Flagged revisions should display latest versions|Flagged revisions should display latest versions]]. All community members from this wiki are welcome to join. [[Pengguna:Voltairacus|Voltairacus]] ([[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Voltairacus|bicara]]) 9 Desember 2020 08.27 (UTC)
== Place for image requests? ==
Is there a place on IDwiki where I can request people to take images for Wikipedia articles? I'm looking to see if someone in Jakarta can take a photo of the Indonesia Air Asia headquarters
[[Pengguna:WhisperToMe|WhisperToMe]] ([[Pembicaraan Pengguna:WhisperToMe|bicara]]) 14 Maret 2021 17.54 (UTC)