Maximilien de Robespierre: Perbedaan revisi

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* {{cite book|author=Baker, Keith Michael (ed.)|title=The Old Regime and the French Revolution|url=|location= Chicago|publisher=University of Chicago Press|year=1987|isbn=0226069354}} Good summary that relies almost entirely on primary source documents with short summarizing essays that explain those documents
* {{cite book|author=[[Thomas Carlyle|Carlyle, Thomas]]|title=The French Revolution: A History, Volume III: The Guillotine|location=Cambridge, MA||year=2002|isbn=1404303987}} A [[Romanticism|Romantic]] account more useful for [[Historiography|historiographical]] studies than as accurate history
* {{cite book|author=Carr, John.|title=Robespierre: the force of circumstance|location=New York|publisher=St. Martin’s Press.|year=1972}}