Alkitab Versi Raja James: Perbedaan revisi

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[[imageBerkas:King_James_I.jpg|left|frame|[[James I of England|King James I]]'s dissatisfaction with the [[Geneva Bible]]'s [[puritan|puritanism]] led to the creation of the King James Bible.]]
[[Protestantism]] derived from [[Martin Luther]] the idea that the Bible was the sole source of doctrine (see ''[[sola scriptura]]'') and as such should be translated into the local [[vernacular]]. The act of [[Bible translation]] into any vernacular was a political as well as a religious statement, and remained so whether the Bible translation was a private endeavour, or sponsored by a monarch and his government. The English translations made by [[John Wyclif]]'s followers, and later by [[William Tyndale]], were the opening salvos of the [[Protestant Reformation]] in [[England]] and [[Scotland]].
The original printing of the King James Version was published by [[Robert Barker]] in 1611 and could be bought [[looseleaf]] for 10 [[shilling|s]], or bound for 12 s.
[[ImageBerkas:kjv.png|thumb|250px|The [[frontispiece]] to the [[1611]] [[first edition]] of the King James Bible shows the Twelve [[Apostle]]s at the top. [[Moses]] and [[Aaron]] flank the central text. In the four corners sit [[Matthew the Evangelist|Matthew]], [[Mark the Evangelist|Mark]], [[Luke the Evangelist|Luke]], and [[John the Evangelist|John]], authors of the four [[gospel]]s, with their symbolic animals.]]<br>
== Literary attributes ==
Current printings of the King James Bible differ from the original in several ways.
[[ImageBerkas:Kjv-hebrews.png|thumb|250px|The opening of the [[Epistle to the Hebrews]] of the [[1611]] edition of the King James Bible shows the original [[typeface]]. Marginal notes reference variant translations and cross references to other Bible passages.]]
=== Difference in the contents ===
[[imageBerkas:Frontpiece_Cambridge.gif|right|thumb|250px|The [[University of Cambridge]] is one of the very few organisations which directly hold the right to print the King James Bible, and continues to exercise this right even today; many King James Bibles such as this one hail from the [[printing press|printing presses]] of either [[University of Cambridge|Cambridge]] or [[University of Oxford|Oxford University]], the only other [[university]] accorded this privilege.]]
== Copyright status ==