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|body_style=2-door [[konvertibel]]<br>2-door [[coupé]]
|engine=1.8&nbsp;L [[BMW M43#M43B18|M43B18]] [[4 segaris|I4]]<br>1.9&nbsp;L [[BMW M44#M44B19|M44B19]] [[4 segaris|I4]]<br>2.0&nbsp;L [[BMW M52#B20 T|M52B20 T]] [[6 segaris|I6]]<br>2.2&nbsp;L [[BMW M54#M54B22|M54B22]] [[6 segaris|I6]]<br>2.8&nbsp;L [[BMW M52#M52B28|M52B28]] [[6 segaris|I6]]<br>3.2&nbsp;L [[BMW M52#S52B32|S52B32]] [[6 segaris|I6]] (NA only)<br>3.2&nbsp;L [[BMW M50#S50B32|S50B32]] [[6 segaris|I6]] (non-NA)<br>2.5&nbsp;L [[M52TUB25]] [[6 segaris|I6]]<br>2.5&nbsp;L [[BMW M54#M54B25|M54B25]] [[6 segaris|I6]]<br>3.0&nbsp;L [[BMW M54#M54B30|M54B30]] [[6 segaris|I6]]<br>3.2&nbsp;L [[BMW S54B32|S54B32]] [[6 segaris|I6]]
|related=[[BMW Seri 3 (E36)]]<br/>[[Duesen Bayern#Duesen Bayern Mystar|Duesen Bayern Mystar]]<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=BMW Z3 customized to look like a Mercedes 190 SL |publisher=Top Speed |date=2007-01-24 |accessdate=2010-07-25 | archiveurl= http | archivedate= 14 July 2010 <!-07-DASHBot-->14 | deadurl= no }}</ref><br/>[[Duesen Bayern#Duesen Bayern Agnes|Duesen Bayern Agnes]]<ref>{{cite web |author=– Mike Spinelli |url= |title=More Replicas from Duesen Bayern | |date=2007-01-25 |accessdate=2010-07-25 | archiveurl= http | archivedate= 22 August 2010 <!-08-DASHBot-->22 | deadurl=no no}}</ref>
|transmission=4-speed [[Automatic transmission|automatic]]<br>5-speed [[Manual transmission|manual]]