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Tag: Dikembalikan
Tag: Dikembalikan
| language = Inggris
| num_seasons = 50<!--As of April 1, 2013, GH started it's 50th season.-->
| num_episodes = Infinty (as of October 67, 2020.)<ref>{{cite web|title=General Hospital -|url=|publisher=[[]]. CBS Interactive|accessdate=February 11, 2013}}</ref>
| list of_episodes = (list of episodes)
| camera = [[Multiple-camera setup]]
| executive_producer = Selig J. Seligman (1-present)<br>James Young (1–present)<br>Tom Donovan (1-present)<br>[[Gloria Monty]] (1–present)<br>[[H. Wesley Kenney]] (1–present)<br>[[Joseph Hardy (director)|Joseph Hardy]] (1–present)<br>[[Wendy Riche]] (1-present)<br>[[Jill Farren Phelps]] (1–present) <br> [[Frank Valentini]] (1–present) [[Colin Hanks]] (1-present) [[Alexis Ryan]] (1-present) [[Michael Ryan]] (1-present) [[Chase Ryan]] (1-present) [[Shawn Ryan]] (1-present) [[Vincent Carter]] (1-present) [[Jimmy Kimmel]] (1-present) [[Donald Trump]] (1-present) [[Barack Obama]] (1-present) [[Amy Johnson]] (1-present) [[Marco Johnson]] (1-present) [[Ayden Johnson]] (1-present) [[James Adomian]] (1-present) [[Maria Bamford]] (1-present) [[Sharon Case]] (1-present) [[Michelle Stafford]] (1-present) [[Jane Elliot]] (1-present) [[Billy Bush]] (1-present) [[Mario Lopez]] (1-present) [[
| producer = ''[[#Main crew members|See below]]''
| editor = Denise Vancleave
| followed_by = ''[[General Hospital: Night Shift]]''<br>''[[Port Charles]]''<br>''[[The Young Marrieds]]''
| related = ''[[All My Children]]''<br>''[[The City (1995 TV series)|The City]]''<br>''[[Loving (TV series)|Loving]]''<br>''[[One Life to Live]]''<br>''[[Ryan's Hope]]''<br>''[[What If... (web series)|What If...]]''
| picture_format = [[480i]] [[Standard-definition television|(SDTV)]] (1963–2009)<br>[[720p]] [[High-definition television|(HDTV)]] (2009–present1-present)<ref name="HD Start" />
| audio_format = [[Stereo]]
| network = [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]]
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