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=== Televisi ===
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! style="background:#FFB6C1;" |Tahun
! style="background:#FFB6C1;" |Judul
! style="background:#FFB6C1;" |Peran
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|1993 ||''[[Zorro (serial TV 1990)|Zorro]]'' ||Lt. Hidalgo ||2 episode "The Arrival", "Death and Taxes"
! Tahun
|1993 ||''[[Drop the Dead Donkey]]'' ||Fixx ||Episode: "George and His Daughter"
! Judul
! Peran
! class="unsortable"|catatan
| rowspan="7" | 1993
|1993 ||''{{sortname|The|Young Indiana Jones Chronicles}}'' ||Schiller ||Episode: "Palestine, October 1917"; tidak ditayangkan
|''[[Zorro (Serial TV 1990)|Zorro]]''
|Lieutenant Hidalgo
|2 episode
|''[[Drop the Dead Donkey]]''
|1993 ||''[[Between the Lines (serial TV)|Between the Lines]]'' ||Joe Rance ||Serial kedua, part 1
|Episode: "George and His Daughter"
|''{{sortname|The|Young Indiana Jones Chronicles}}''
|1993 ||''[[Heartbeat (serial TV Britania Raya)|Heartbeat]]'' ||Peter Begg ||Episode: "A Chilly Reception"
|Episode: "Palestine, October 1917"
|''[[Between the Lines (Serial TV)|Between the Lines]]''
|1993 ||''[[Screen Two]]'' ||Lieutenant Guth, Schatz's replacement ||Episode: "Genghis Cohn"
|Joe Rance
|Episode: "New Order"
|''[[Heartbeat (Serial TV Inggris)|Heartbeat]]''
|1996 ||''[[Our Friends in the North]]'' ||Geordie Peacock ||Miniseri TV
|Peter Begg
|Episode: "A Chilly Reception"
|''[[Screen Two]]''
|1996 ||''[[Tales from the Crypt (serial TV)|Tales from the Crypt]]'' ||Barry ||Episode: "Smoke Wrings"
|Lt. Guth
|Episode: "Genghis Cohn"
|''[[Sharpe's Eagle (Program TV)|Sharpe's Eagle]]''
|1997 ||''{{sortname|The|Hunger|dab=serial TV}}'' ||Jerry Pritchard ||Episode: "Menage a Trois"
|Lt. Berry
|[[Film televisi]]
| rowspan="5" | 1996
|1997 ||''[[The Ice House]]'' ||D.S. Andy McLoughlin||Film televisi
|''[[Our Friends in the North]]''
|Geordie Peacock
|8 episode
|''[[Tales from the Crypt (serial TV)|Tales from the Crypt]]''
|2012 ||''[[Saturday Night Live]]'' ||Pembawa acara ||Episode: "Daniel Craig/[[Muse]]"
|Episode: "Smoke Wrings"
| rowspan="3" | Film televisi
|''Kiss and Tell''
|Matt Kearney
|''{{sortname|The|Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders|The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders (Serial TV)}}''
|James "Jemmy" Seagrave
| rowspan="2" | 1997
|''{{sortname|The|Hunger|dab=Serial TV}}''
|Jerry Pritchard
|Episode: "Ménage à Trois"
|''[[The Ice House (novel)|The Ice House]]''
|DS Andy McLoughlin
| rowspan="6" | Film televisi
|''[[Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon]]''
|George Dyer
|''Shockers: The Visitor''
|''[[Sword of Honour (film 2001)|Sword of Honour]]''
|Guy Crouchback
|''[[Copenhagen (film)|Copenhagen]]''
|[[Werner Heisenberg]]
|''[[Archangel (film 2005)|Archangel]]''
|Prof. Fluke Kelso
|''[[Saturday Night Live]]''
|Himself (host)
|Episode: "Daniel Craig/[[Muse (band)|Muse]]"
|''[[Superheroes Unite for BBC Children in Need]]''
|Narrator (suara)
|Film televisi
|''[[Comrade Detective]]''
|Father Anton Streza (suara)
|2 episode
|''[[Saturday Night Live]]''
|Himself (host)
|Episode: "Daniel Craig/[[the Weeknd]]"<ref>{{cite web|url=https://slate.com/culture/2020/03/daniel-craig-saturday-night-live-sketches-accents-wigs.html |title=Sketsa Langsung Sabtu Malam Daniel Craig (dan Wigs, dan Accents), peringkat |website=Slate |last=Dessem |first=Matthew |date=8 Maret 2020 |accessdate=10 Maret 2020}}</ref>
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