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== Alumni ==
* Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of Volvo, former CEO of Ericsson and chairman of BP
* Nashwa Eassa
* Henry Radamson, Swedish professor of microelectronics and semiconductor, member of Chinese Academy of Science
* Anders Flodström, professor of Materials physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, former Rector of the Royal Institute of Technology, former University Chancellor of Sweden and Head of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education
* Gustav Fridolin, former Minister for Education in the Government of Sweden
* Therése Sjömander Magnusson, head of the Nordic Africa Institute
* Jan Malm, former CEO, Ericsson China, 2000–2004
* Jan-Eric Sundgren, former Rector of Chalmers Institute of Technology, now Senior Vice President, Volvo Group
* Ola Tunander, Former Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo
* Åke Svensson, Director General of Teknikföretagen (employers' organisation for engineering companies), former President and CEO Saab AB
* Björn von Sydow, former Speaker of the Riksdag and Minister for Defence 1997-2002
* Cecilia Widegren, Member of the Riksdag and Vice Chairman in The Parliamentary Defense Committee and Group
* Zhong Zhihua, Rector of Tongji University, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
* Bertil Andersson, former President of Nanyang Technological University
== Referensi ==