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What for? [[:Berkas:Jalan poros Sepaku 2.jpg|This photo]] etc., you moved it to the Commons without permission, even though I want to delete it. [[Pengguna:Ezagren|'''<font face="Comic Sans MS" color="blue">Ezagren</font>''']] <sup>([[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Ezagren|메시지를 보내]])</sup> 12 Mei 2020 02.23 (UTC)
:Hi! I replied on your talk page. --[[Pengguna:MGA73|MGA73]] ([[Pembicaraan Pengguna:MGA73#top|bicara]]) 12 Mei 2020 07.13 (UTC)
== Re:A few files you uploaded ==
#Berkas:Lela naga.jpg : No, but this is scanned from History subject school textbook issued by Indonesian government, which the photos in them are always freely distributed and used throughout Indonesia for education purposes.
#Berkas:Rencong Kerajaan Aceh.jpg : Yes
#Berkas:Genderuwo Saparan Bekakak Ambarketawang.jpg : Yes.
[[Pengguna:Ennio morricone|em]] ([[Pembicaraan Pengguna:Ennio morricone|bicara]]) 12 Mei 2020 23.47 (UTC)