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|death_date={{Death date and age|761|4|18|703|1|1|df=y}}<ref name=death>[ 兩千年中西曆轉換<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
|full name='''[[Nama keluarga]]:''' Shǐ (史) <br>[[Nama ]] :aslinya bernama '''Sùgān (窣干)''',<br>kemudian diganti menjadi Sīmíng (思明)
|succession=Kaisar Dinasti Yan
|reign=9 Mei 759<ref></ref><ref>9 May was when Shi declared himself emperor of Yan and changed [[era name]]; however, he (at least according to some accounts) claimed the title of "Great Holy Prince of Yan" (大聖燕王) on 3 February, the first day of the lunar year, some three months earlier. See</ref> – 18 April 761<ref name=death/>
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