Speed 2: Cruise Control: Perbedaan revisi

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| country = Amerika Serikat
| language = Inggris
| budget = $110 juta {{small|(official)}} <br />{{nowrap|$135–160 juta {{small|(estimated)}}<ref name="waterwhirl">{{cite news|last=Dutka|first=Elaine|title=Water Whirl|work = [[Los Angeles Times]]|publisher=Tribune Company|date=February 16, 1997|url=http://articles.latimes.com/print/1997-02-16/entertainment/ca-29118_1_water-cooler|accessdate=January 18, 2011|quote=De Bont acknowledges that the movie came in over budget but shoots down reports that the original $100 million has soared into the $135-million to $160-million range. The movie is on schedule, he says. It's not out of control. When the movie wraps at the end of this month, it should come in "close to $110 million"--providing nothing untoward erupts.}}</ref>}}
| gross = $164.5 juta