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*Breakthrough Male Performance : [[Jon Heder]] - [[Napoleon Dynamite]]
*Breakthrough Female Performance : [[Rachel McAdams]] - [[Mean Girls]]
*Breakthrough Female : [[Emmy Rossum]] [[The Day After Tomorrow]]
*Best Kiss : [[Rachel McAdams]] & [[Ryan Gosling]] - [[The Notebook]]
*Best Fight : [[Uma Thurman]] vs. [[Daryl Hannah]] - [[Kill Bill Vol. 2]]
*Best Frightened Performance : [[Dakota Fanning]] - [[Hide and Seek]]
*Best Video Game Based on a Movie : [[The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay]]
*Best Action Sequence : Destruction of Los Angeles - Roland Emmerich, Director - [[The Day After Tomorrow]]
*Shorts : "Tankman Begins"
*MTV Generation Award : [[Tom Cruise]]
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