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|name = Kepulauan Britania
|local name = <small>{{lang-en|British Isles}}<br/>{{lang-ga|Éire agus an Bhreatain Mhór}}<ref>{{cite web|title=British Isles| Terminology Database |url= |publisher=[[Foras na Gaeilge]] / [[Dublin City University]] |accessdate=23 September 2010|quote=the British Isles ''s'' ''pl'' (Tíreolaíocht · Geography; Polaitíocht · Politics; Stair · History; Logainmneacha » Ceantar/Réigiún · Placenames » Area/Region) Éire ''bain'' agus an Bhreatain ''bain2'' Mhór}}</ref><br/>or ''Oileáin Iarthair Eorpa''<ref>{{Citation|first=Patrick|last=Dinneen|title=Foclóir Gaeilge Béarla, Irish-English Dictionary|publisher=[[The Educational Company of Ireland]]|location=Dublin|year=1927|page=812|edition=2nd (1979 reprint)|quote=Oileain [sic]<!-- the 'sic' refers to the missing accent over the a, which appears to be a typo that appears in the original --> Iarthair Eorpa, the British or West European Isles;}}</ref><br/>{{lang-gv|Ny h-Ellanyn Goaldagh}}<ref>{{Citation|url=|work=Office of The President of Tynwald}}</ref><br/>{{lang-gd|Eileanan Bhreatainn}}<ref>{{Citation|url=|work=University of Glasgow Department of Celtic}}</ref><br/>{{lang-cy|Ynysoedd Prydain}}<br/>{{lang-fr|Îles Britanniques}}<ref>{{cite web|title=RÈGLEMENT (1953) (AMENDEMENT) SUR L’IMPORTATION ET L’EXPORTATION D’ANIMAUX|url=|publisher=States of Jersey|accessdate=2 February 2012}}</ref> <br/><ref>These are the [[official language]]s of the eight jurisdictions within the British Isles. Other languages are spoken, including several other native languages and dialects that have [[European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages|regional or special status]].</p></ref></small>
|image nameimage_name = Atlantic_Archipelago.jpg
|image captionimage_caption = Citra satelit Kepulauan Britania, termasuk [[Shetland]]
|image altimage_alt = Peta Kepulauan Britania dan lokasinya di Eropa.
|locator mapimage_map = British Isles location.svg
|location = [[Eropa Barat]] dan [[Eropa Utara]]
|coordinates = {{Coord|54|N|4|W|scale:10000000}}
|area_km2 = 315134
|total islandstotal_islands = >6,.000+
|major islandsmajor_islands = [[Britania Raya]] dan [[Irlandia]]
|highest mounthighest_mount = [[Ben Nevis]]
|elevation_m = 1344
|Country heading = Negara berdaulat dan dependensi mahkota
|country = [[Republik Irlandia|Irlandia]]
|country largest citycountry_largest_city = [[Dublin]]
|country 1country1 = [[Britania Raya]]
|country 1 largest citycountry1_largest_city = [[London]]
|country 2country2 = [[Pulau Man]]
|country 2 largest citycountry2_largest_city = [[Douglas, Isle of Man|Douglas]]
|country 3 country3_= [[Jersey]]
|country 3 largest citycountry3_largest_city = [[Saint Helier]]
|country 4 = [[Guernsey]]
|country 4 largest citylargest_city = [[St. Peter Port|Saint Peter Port]]
|density_km2 =
|population = ~68&nbsp;juta
|ethnic groupsethnic_groups = [[British people|British]], [[Channel Islands|Channel Islanders]], [[Cornish people|Cornish]],<ref>{{Citation|first=Stephan|last=Thernstrom|title=Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups|publisher=Harvard University Press|location=Cambridge, Massachusetts|year=1980|page=243|isbn=0-674-37512-2|quote=Both geographic and historical factors distinguish the Cornish as an ethnic group.}}</ref> [[bangsa Inggris|Inggris]], [[Romanichal|English Gypsies]], [[bangsa Irlandia|Irlandia]], [[Irish Travellers]], [[Kale (Welsh Romanies)|Kale]], [[bangsa Manx|Manx]], [[orang Skotlandia|Skotlandia]], [[Ulster-Scots]], [[orang Wales|Wales]]