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== Bahan bacaan terkait ==
* [http://www.soil-net.com/ Soil-Net.com] A free schools-age educational site teaching about soil and its importance.
* Adams, J.A. 1986. ''Dirt''. College Station, Texas : [[Texas A&M University Press]] ISBN 0-89096-301-0
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* Faulkner, Edward H. Plowman's Folly. New York, Grosset & Dunlap. 1943. ISBN 0-933280-51-3
* [http://www.landis.org.uk/soilscapes/ LandIS Free Soilscapes Viewer] Free interactive viewer for the Soils of England and Wales
* Geo-technological Research Paper, IIT Kanpur, Dr P P Vitkar - Strip footing on weak clay stabilized with a granular pile [http://www.rparticle.web-p.cisti.nrc.ca/rparticle/AbstractTemplateServlet?journal=cgj&volume=15&year=1978&issue=4&msno=t78-066&calyLang=eng National Research Council Canada: From Discovery to Innovation / Conseil national de recherches Canada : de la découverte à l'innovation]{{dead link|date=October 2013}} {{en icon}}, {{fr icon}}
* Jenny, Hans, Factors of Soil Formation: A System of Quantitative Pedology 1941 http://www.soilandhealth.org/01aglibrary/010159.Jenny.pdf
* Logan, W. B., Dirt: The ecstatic skin of the earth. 1995 ISBN 1-57322-004-3