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=== Perempuan pengikut Yesus ===
Dalam {{Alkitab|Lukas 10:38–42}}, [[Mary,Maria sisterdari Betania|Maria, ofsaudari Lazarus]], isdibanding-bandingkan contrasteddengan with her sistersaudarinya, [[MarthaMarta]], who wasyang "cumberedsibuk aboutmengurus manyberbagai thingstetek bengek" whilemanakala Jesusmenjamu wasYesus theirdi guestkediaman mereka, whilesementara MaryMaria had chosenmemilih "thebagian betteryang partlebih baik," that of listeningyakni tomendengarkan thepetuah-petuah master'sSang discourseGuru.<!-- Yohanes names her as the "one who had anointed the Lord with perfumed oil and dried his feet with her hair" (11:2). In Luke, an unidentified "sinner" in the house of a Pharisee anoints Jesus' feet. In Medieval Catholic folklore, Mary, the sister of Lazarus, was seen as the same as Mary Magdalene.
Luke refers to a number of people accompanying Jesus and the twelve. From among them he names three women: "[[Mary Magdalene|Mary, called Magdalene]], ... and [[Saint Joanna|Joanna]] the wife of Herod's steward Chuza, and [[Susanna (disciple)|Susanna]], and many others, who provided for them out of their resources" (Luke 8:2-3). Mary Magdalene and Joanna are among the women who went to prepare Jesus' body in Luke's account of the resurrection, and who later told the apostles and other disciples about the empty tomb and words of the "two men in dazzling clothes". Mary Magdalene is the most well-known of the disciples outside of the Twelve. More is written in the gospels about her than the other female followers. There is also a large body of lore and literature covering her.