Beyoncé: Perbedaan revisi

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Beyonce Knowles !
How you doing ? What is my girl doing ? That is to much grammys ! That looks like i do let take with the courts the grammys that is not only you ! You are okay ? We will see step by step ! We got to release a single and album cd extra : GUNS & ROSES : Single title / Album title : that way is not released a project an Eight Tracks Album ETA: CD EXTRA : Western like : Video : Example : listen i do take for that : Mariah Carey : Beyonce Knowles & Bruce Springsteen introducing Guns & Roses feat. Jay-Z & Mariah Carey : that is the first single : Video is : Guns & Roses : CD EXTRA : single : that is rap : !
I. Guns & Roses
Rap 1: Track 05:57
Rap 4: Video 05:57 ( is video of track ) CD EXTRA
is with : Instruments of Chorus beginning : than Verse 1: than Chorus singing : than instruments 5 seconds as bridge and hiphop1 35 seconds : instruments 5 seconds like and than : Chorus instruments of chorus : than Verse singing chorus singing and than 5 seconds instruments bridge than hiphop 2 01:25 / 5 seconds bridge and than chorus singing and HipHop 3 55 Seconds and instruments of chorus ending or 15 seconds instruments ending : Verses singing Beyonce Knowles : Chorus all together Mariah Carey Bruce Springsteen : HipHop Parts Jay-Z : that is standard 100 % like : beginning like : Crazy In Love : Jay-Z : 15 seconds talking : Verse 1 after verse 1 could be verse 2 as bridge Beyonce is singing further like Crazy In Love word by word and at the background Mariah Carey different text lyrics you could use verse 1 do it : like the others: and : Bruce Springsteen is singing too chorus could different lyrics will be three dimensional singing : Mariah Mariah Carey could do the high voices and the high voice at the same time at the background of Jay-Z hiphop parts : hiphop bride could be do it Jay -Z singing everybody at the background Beyonce Mariah and Bruce : that is system is to use all the tracks : that is special : eight tracks album and single : that project is just one single : GUNS & ROSES : is a different track: and the album known as GUNS & ROSES : album different tracks ad single different is professional to release the video of the single is on the album cd extra ! That is a project for you and JayZ and Mariah my choice and Bruce Springsteen ! I did sometimes forget it to let you know : Love You : Crazy B. i did give you that title i did let you know nobody will stop you to get the grammys 23 Grammys : quality screen and quality cover : that project is finished : and: you can release another one the second album regular and there is Guns& Roses included and 9 other acts : like : Guns & Roses : two albums this year and quality rhythm/s video screen/s cover/s: take like : Bruce Springsteen: the other nine acts: from the Bands etc. : and good luck at first : Let Bruce and Mariah know to come to that special project : than good luck first ! Love You ! Beyonce Knowles ! You could Martial Arts video or Western etc. easy video ! Good Luck at Jay-Z ! Beyonce Knowles ! Mariah Carey ! Bruce Springsteen : The Other Tracks like : introducing .. and ending with feat. Jay-Z ! Special Project ! Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Knowles : Associate Producers all together : Producer : Bruce Springsteen : Executive Producers : All together : Mariah Carey : Bruce Springsteen : Jay-Z : Beyonce Knowles : or : Jay-Z: producer : he got producers : producer SeanCombs: he is the king : you can get awards over awards every award is going on his Konto: Beyonce Knowles got producers too : WyclesJean: ... : etc. : That project let him produce : i will see what to do later : but all together :.... Executive Producers ! Single /Album producers to write too : all together : Supervising Producer : Jay-Z : nobody is writting Supervising producer or Associate producer ! And all together Executive Producers ! Good Luck at first ! Is quick made is just eight tracks ! At the weekend written and to produce ! Good LUck at first !
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