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{{Infobox military unit
[[Berkas:Seal of the United States Marine Corps.svg|200px|jmpl|Lambang Korps Marinir Amerika Serikat.]]
| unit_name = Korps Marinir Amerika Serikat
| image = Emblem of the United States Marine Corps.svg
| caption = Lambang Korps Marinir Amerika Serikat
| start_date =<!-- {{start date|df=y|1775|11|10}}-->
| dates ={{start date|1775}}–{{End date|1783}}, {{start date|1798}}–sekarang<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.marines.com/history-heritage/timeline |title=Marine Corps Decade Timeline &#124; Marine Corps history |publisher=Marines.com |accessdate=15 July 2014}}</ref>
| country = {{flagicon|United States}} [[Amerika Serikat]]
| type = [[Angkatan Bersenjata]] [[Marinir]]
| role = Perang [[Perang amfibi|Amfibi]] dan [[Perang Ekspedisi|Ekspedisi]]
| size = 182,000 aktif<small> ({{as of|2017|lc=y}})</small><ref name="DoD Budget and Manpower Details">{{cite web|url=http://www.defense.gov/News/News-Releases/News-Release-View/Article/652687/department-of-defense-dod-releases-fiscal-year-2017-presidents-budget-proposal|accessdate=11 February 2016|date=9 February 2016|title=Department of Defense (DoD) Releases Fiscal Year 2017 President's Budget Proposal|publisher=U.S. Department of Defense}}</ref> <br />38,500 cadangan <small>({{as of|2017|lc=y}})</small><ref name="DoD Budget and Manpower Details" /> <br />1,304 pesawat berawak<ref name="WAF2018">{{cite journal|title=World Air Forces 2018|journal=Flightglobal|page=17|url=https://www.flightglobal.com/asset/21905|accessdate=13 June 2018}}</ref> (Total termasuk 11 VH-3D dan 8 VH-60N dari HMX-1<ref> https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/10/marine-one-upgrade-next-presidential-helicopter-fleet-getting-closer-to-debut.html |accessdate=13 June 2018</ref> tidak terdaftar oleh WAF 2018)
| command_structure = [[Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat|Departemen Pertahanan Amerika Serikat]]
*[[Departemen Angkatan Laut Amerika Serikat|Departemen Angkatan Laut]] {{small|(sejak 1834)}}
| garrison = [[The Pentagon]] <br />{{nowrap|[[Arlington County, Virginia]], U.S.}}
| garrison_label = Kantor Pusat
| nickname = "Jarheads", "[[Devil Dog]]s", "Teufel Hunden", "Leathernecks"
| motto = ''[[Semper fidelis#The United States Marine Corps|Semper Fidelis]]''
| color = &nbsp; Scarlet dan Emas<ref name="colors">{{cite web| url=http://www.tecom.usmc.mil/HD/Docs_Speeches/EstablishingMCcolors.htm|title=Marine Corps Order No. 4 (Series 1925)|last=Lejeune|first=Major General John A|authorlink=John A. Lejeune|date=18 April 1925|work=[[Commandant of the Marine Corps]]|publisher=[[United States Marine Corps History Division]]|accessdate=2 February 2010|deadurl=yes|archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20101005033213/http://www.tecom.usmc.mil/HD/Docs_Speeches/EstablishingMCcolors.htm|archivedate=5 October 2010}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|title=Color Palette|url=http://www.hqmc.marines.mil/Portals/134/Docs/CCM%20Docs/MCRC/MC%20Brand%20Guide/USMC_brand_guide2009.pdf?ver=2014-07-28-165459-843#page=16|work=United States Marine Corps Brand Guide|date=16 July 2009|accessdate=7 August 2017}}</ref>
| colors_label = Colors
| march = "[[Semper Fidelis (march)|Semper Fidelis]]" {{audio|Semper Fidelis.ogg|Play}}
| mascot = [[Bulldog|English Bulldog]]<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.marines.mil/unit/mcrc/8mcd/Pages/ReadyfortheCorpsMarinesrecruitlatestmascotfromSouthTexas.aspx|title=Ready for the Corps: Marines recruit latest mascot from South Texas|last=Loredo-Agostini|first=Sgt Heidi E.|date=30 July 2009|work=[[Marine Corps Recruiting Command|Recruiting Station San Antonio]]|publisher=United States Marine Corps|accessdate=22 December 2010|location=Castroville, Texas|deadurl=yes|archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20110320233156/http://www.marines.mil/unit/mcrc/8mcd/Pages/ReadyfortheCorpsMarinesrecruitlatestmascotfromSouthTexas.aspx|archivedate=20 March 2011}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.marines.mil/unit/barracks/Pages/NewsStories/2008/ChestyXIIretires.aspx|title=Marine Barracks' mascot, Chesty the XII, retires after more than 40 'dog years' of faithful service|last=Dobbs|first=LCpl Chris|date=25 July 2008|publisher=United States Marine Corps|accessdate=22 December 2010|location=Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.|deadurl=yes|archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20110516012257/http://www.marines.mil/unit/barracks/Pages/NewsStories/2008/ChestyXIIretires.aspx|archivedate=16 May 2011}}</ref>
| equipment =
| equipment_label =
| battles = {{collapsible list
| titlestyle = background:transparent;text-align:left;font-weight:normal;
| title = ''See list''
|[[American Revolutionary War]] <br />[[Quasi-War]] <br />[[First Barbary War]] <br />[[War of 1812]] <br />[[Second Barbary War]] <br />[[West Indies Anti-Piracy Operations of the United States|West Indies Anti-Piracy Operations]] <br />[[Seminole Wars]] <br />[[African Anti-Slavery Operations of the United States|African Anti-Slavery Operations]] <br />[[Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy Operations of the United States|Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy Operations]] <br />[[First Sumatran expedition]] <br />[[Second Sumatran expedition]] <br />[[United States Exploring Expedition]] <br />[[Capture of Monterey]] <br />[[Mexican–American War]] <br />[[Bombardment of San Juan del Norte|Bombardment of Greytown]] <br />[[Battle of Ty-ho Bay]] <br />[[First Fiji Expedition]] <br />[[Second Opium War]] <br />[[Second Fiji Expedition]] <br />[[Paraguay expedition]] <br />[[Reform War]] <br />[[John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry|John Brown's raid]] <br />[[American Civil War]] <br />[[Bombardment of Qui Nhon]] <br />[[Shimonoseki Campaign]] <br />[[Formosa Expedition]] <br />[[United States expedition to Korea]] <br />[[Egyptian Expedition (1882)]] <br />[[Bering Sea Anti-Poaching Operations]] <br />[[Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii|Kingdom of Hawaii overthrowal]] <br />[[Second Samoan Civil War]] <br />[[Banana Wars]]
* [[Spanish–American War]]
* [[Second Occupation of Cuba]]
* [[Border War (1910–19)|Border War]]
* [[Negro Rebellion]]
* [[United States occupation of Nicaragua|Occupation of Nicaragua]]
* [[United States occupation of Haiti|Occupation of Haiti]]
* [[United States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916–24)|Occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916)]]
* [[Sugar Intervention]]
[[Philippine–American War]] <br />[[Boxer Rebellion]] <br />[[World War I]] <br />[[Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War|Russian Civil War]] <br />[[World War II]] <br />[[Korean War]] <br />[[Vietnam War]] <br />[[1958 Lebanon Crisis]] <br />[[United States occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965–66)|Occupation of the Dominican Republic (1965)]] <br />[[Operation Eagle Claw|Iranian Hostage Rescue]] <br />[[Multinational Force in Lebanon]] <br />[[Invasion of Grenada]] <br />[[1986 United States bombing of Libya|1986 bombing of Libya]] <br />[[Tanker War]]
* [[Operation Earnest Will|Earnest Will]]
* [[Operation Prime Chance|Prime Chance]]
* [[Operation Eager Glacier|Eager Glacier]]
* [[Operation Nimble Archer|Nimble Archer]]
* [[Operation Praying Mantis|Praying Mantis]]
[[United States Invasion of Panama|Invasion of Panama]] <br />[[Gulf War|Persian Gulf War]] <br />[[Somali Civil War]] <br />[[Iraqi no-fly zones]] <br />[[1995 NATO bombing campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina|Bosnian War]] <br />[[1999 NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia|Kosovo War]] <br />[[International Force for East Timor]] <br />[[Operation Enduring Freedom]]
* [[War in Afghanistan (2001–14)|Afghanistan]]
* [[Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines|Philippines]]
* [[Operation Enduring Freedom – Horn of Africa|Horn of Africa]]
* [[Georgia Train and Equip Program|Pankisi Gorge]]
* [[Operation Enduring Freedom – Trans Sahara|Trans Sahara]]
* [[Operation Enduring Freedom – Caribbean and Central America|Caribbean and Central America]]
[[Iraq War]] <br />[[Pakistan-United States skirmishes]] <br />[[Operation Odyssey Dawn]] <br />[[Military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant|2014 Intervention against ISIL]] <br />[[Operation Inherent Resolve]] <br />[[War in Afghanistan (2015–present)|Resolute Support Mission]] <br /> [[Battle of Khasham]]
| anniversaries = [[United States Marine Corps birthday ball|10 November]]
| decorations = [[File:Streamer PUC Navy.PNG|200px]] <br />[[File:Streamer PUC Army.PNG|200px]] <br />[[Presidential Unit Citation (United States)|Presidential Unit Citation]] <br />[[File:Streamer JMUA.PNG|200px]] <br />[[Joint Meritorious Unit Award]] <br />[[File:Navy Unit Commendation streamer.svg|200px]] <br />[[Navy Unit Commendation]] <br />[[File:Streamer VUA Army.PNG|200px]] <br />[[Valorous Unit Award]] <br />[[File:Meritorious Unit Commendation (Navy-Marine) Streamer.jpg|200px]] <br />[[File:Streamer MUC Army.PNG|200px]] <br />[[Meritorious Unit Commendation]] <br />[[File:Streamer FCDG.PNG|200px]] <br />[[Croix de guerre 1914–1918 (France)|French Croix de guerre 1914–1918]] <br />[[File:Presidential Unit Citation (Philippines) Streamer.png|200px]] <br />[[Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation|Philippine Presidential Unit Citation]] <br />[[File:Streamer KPUC.PNG|200px]] <br />[[Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation|Korean Presidential Unit Citation]] <br />[[File:VGCP Streamer.jpg|200px]] <br />[[Vietnam Gallantry Cross]] <br />[[File:Streamer RVMUCCA.PNG|200px]] <br />[[Vietnam Civil Actions Medal]]
| battle_honours =
| website = {{URL|www.marines.mil|Marines.mil}}<!-- Commanders -->
| commander1 = President [[Donald Trump]]
| commander1_label = [[Commander-in-chief#United_States|Commander-in-Chief]]
| commander2 = [[Patrick M. Shanahan]] (acting)
| commander2_label = [[United States Secretary of Defense|Secretary of Defense]]
| commander3 = [[Richard V. Spencer]]
| commander3_label = [[United States Secretary of the Navy|Secretary of the Navy]]
| commander4 = [[General (United States)|Gen]] [[Robert Neller]]
| commander4_label = [[Commandant of the Marine Corps|Commandant]]
| commander5 = Gen [[Gary L. Thomas (general)|Gary L. Thomas]]
| commander5_label = [[Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps|Assistant Commandant]]
| commander6 = SMMC<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.marines.mil/Marines/Ranks.aspx|title=Marine Corps Ranks Enlisted|work=USMC Official Website|access-date=26 November 2017}}</ref> [[Ronald L. Green]]
| commander6_label = [[Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps]]
| notable_commanders = <!-- Insignia -->
| identification_symbol = [[File:Flag of the United States Marine Corps.svg|border|100px]]
| identification_symbol_label = [[Flag of the United States Marine Corps|Flag]]
| identification_symbol_2 = [[File:USMC logo.svg|100px]]
| identification_symbol_2_label = Seal
| identification_symbol_3 = [[File:Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.svg|100px]]
| identification_symbol_3_label = Emblem ("[[Eagle, Globe, and Anchor]]" or "EGA"){{efn|Variations also used as a "Branch of Service Insignia" on Marine Corps uniforms<ref>{{cite web|title=Marine Corps Order P1020.34G W/CH 1–5: Marine Corps Uniform Regulations, Chapter 4: Insignia and Regulations For Wear, Paragraph 4001. Branch of Service Insignia, Pages 4–7|url= http://www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Publications/MCO%20P1020.34G%20W%20CH%201-5.pdf|date=31 March 2003|accessdate=15 January 2018|website=marines.mil}}</ref>}}
| identification_symbol_4_label= Song
| identification_symbol_4 = "[[Marines' Hymn|The Marine's Hymn]]" {{Audio|Marines' Hymn, USMC Band.ogg|Play}}
'''Korps Marinir Amerika Serikat''' ('''United States Marine Corps''', disingkat '''USMC''') adalah cabang dari [[Angkatan Bersenjata Amerika Serikat]] yang bertanggung jawab untuk memberikan kekuatan perang dari laut,<ref name="OMFTS">{{cite paper