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'''Joannes Leo Africanus''' ({{IPAc-en|ˌ|æ|f|r|ɪ|ˈ|k|eɪ|n|ə|s}}; nama lahir '''al-Hasan bin Muhammad al-Wazzan [[Fez, Maroko|al-Fasi]]''', {{lang-ar|حسن ابن محمد الوزان الفاسي}}; s. 1494 – s. 1554) adalah seorang diplomat dan penulis [[Al-Andalus]] berdarah [[Berber]]{{sfn|Rauchenberger|1999|pp=27–28}} yang dikenal karena membuat buku ''[[Deskripsi Afrika (buku 1550)|Descrittione dell’Africa]]'' (''Deskripsi Afrika'') yang menyoroti geografi [[Maghreb]] dan [[Lembah Nil]]. Buku tersebut diterima di kalangan muridnya di Eropa sebagai risalah paling otoritatif tentang subyek tersebut sampai [[penjelajahan Afrika]] modern.{{sfn|Masonen|2001}}
== Referensi ==
== Sumber ==
* {{cite journal | doi=10.2307/217055| last=Fisher | first=Humphrey J. | title=Leo Africanus and the Songhay conquest of Hausaland | year=1978 | journal= International Journal of African Historical Studies| volume=11 | pages=86–112| issue=1| publisher=[[Boston University African Studies Center]]| jstor=217055 | ref=harv }}
* {{cite journal | last=Masonen | first=Pekka | title=Leo Africanus: the man with many names | journal= Al-Andalus Magreb | year=2001 | volume=8-9 | pages=115–143 | url=http://revistas.uca.es/index.php/aam/article/download/852/719 | ref=harv}} Text also available [http://www.leoafricanus.com/pictures/bibliography/Masonen/Masonen.pdf here].
<!-- in German so far from ideal - but based on primary sources -->
* {{cite book | last=Rauchenberger | first=Dietrich | title=Johannes Leo der Afrikaner: seine Beschreibung des Raumes zwischen Nil und Niger nach dem Urtext | year=1999 | place=Wiesbaden | publisher=Harrassowitz | isbn=3-447-04172-2 | language=German | ref=harv }}
<!-- Scholarly edition -->
* {{cite book | last=Leo Africanus | title=A Geographical Historie of Africa, written in Arabicke and Italian. Before which is prefixed a generall description of Africa, and a particular treatise of all the lands undescribed. Translated and collected by John Pory | year=1600 | publisher=G. Bishop | place=London | ref=harv }} The first translation into English.
* {{cite book | last=Leo Africanus | title=The History and Description of Africa (3 Vols) | year=1896 | publisher=Hakluyt Society | place=London | others=Brown, Robert, editor | ref=harv}} Internet Archive: [https://archive.org/details/worksissuedbyha01unkngoog Volume 1] (pp.&nbsp;1–224), [https://archive.org/details/historyanddescr01unkngoog Volume 2], [https://archive.org/details/historyanddescr02porygoog Volume 3] (pp.&nbsp;669–1119); [https://archive.org/stream/historyanddescr02porygoog#page/n388/mode/2up Geographical index]. The original text of Pory's 1600 English translation together with an introduction and notes by the editor.
* {{cite journal | last= Verde |first= Tom | year=2008 |title= A man of two worlds | journal=Saudi Aramco World | issue=January/February 2008 | pages=2–9 | url=http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/200801/a.man.of.two.worlds.htm | ref=harv}}
== Bacaan tambahan ==
* {{cite book| last=Davis | first=Natalie Zemon | authorlink=Natalie Zemon Davis | title=Trickster Travels: a sixteenth-century Muslim between worlds | year=2007 | publisher=Hill and Wang | place=New York | isbn=0-8090-9435-5 }}
* {{cite book | last=Jean-Léon l'Africain | title=Description de l'Afrique: Nouvelle édition traduite de l'italien par Alexis Épaulard et annotée par Alexis Épaulard, Théodore Monod, Henri Lhote et Raymond Mauny (2 Vols)| year=1956 | publisher=Maisonneuve | place=Paris }} A scholarly translation into French with extensive notes.
* {{cite book | last=Hunwick | first= John O.| authorlink= John Hunwick | title= Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire: Al-Sadi's Tarikh al-Sudan down to 1613 and other contemporary documents | publisher=Brill| place=Leiden | year=1999 | isbn=90-04-11207-3 }} pages 272–291 contain a translation into English of Leo Africanus's descriptions of the Middle Niger, Hausaland and Bornu. Corresponds to Épaulard 1956 Vol II pages 463–481.
* {{cite book | last=Masonen | first=Pekka | year=2000 | title=The Negroland revisited: Discovery and invention of the Sudanese middle ages | publisher=Finnish Academy of Science and Letters | place=Helsinki | isbn=951-41-0886-8 | pages=167–207 }}
== Pranala luar ==
{{commonscat|Joannes Leo Africanus}}
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxMbTbndGrA Leo Africanus; A Man Between Worlds – BBC ]
* [https://web.archive.org/web/20070102071140/http://www.said-hajji.com/en/book-leo.html Hassan Al Wazzan aka Leo Africanus]
* [http://www.leoafricanus.com Site devoted to Leo Africanus].
* [http://worldmap.harvard.edu/maps/Leoafricanus Interactive map of Leo Africanus' travels in Sub-Saharan Africa created in the Harvard Worldmap platform].
* [http://www.wdl.org/en/item/650 "Travels into the Inland Parts of Africa: Containing a Description of the Several Nations for the Space of Six Hundred Miles up the River Gambia"] features an English translation of work by Africanus, dating from 1738
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