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File:Scorpaena scrofa.jpg|A ''rascasse rouge'' or red rascasse ([[Scorpaena scrofa]]), a variety of small, spiny Mediterranean rockfish often used in bouillabaisse. Sometimes a white rascasse is used.
File:Helidonichthys spinosus.jpg|A ''grondin'', or [[sea robin]]. It is sometimes used as a substitute for rascasse.
File:Grondin rouge, ou red gurnard, Marseille.jpg|ASeekor ''[[:fr:grondin rouge|grondin rouge]]'', oratau ''[[:en:red gurnard|red gunard]]''.
File:Seeteufel.jpg|A baudroie, or [[monkfish]] (''lophius piscatorius'') caught near [[Averoy]], [[Norway]].
File:Zeus.faber 2.jpg|Seekor Saint-Pierre, atau ''[[:en:john dory|john dory]]'' dalam bahasa Inggris.
File:Trachinus draco Stefano Guerrieri.jpg|The ''Vive'', or [[greater weever]]
File:Conger eel01.jpg|TheKepala head of abelut ''[[:en:conger|conger]]'' eel is sometimes addedkadangkala toditambahkan akepada bouillabaisse.
File:Scyllarus arctus 1 by Line1.jpg|The ''cigale de mer'', or [[slipper lobster]]. Today it is often replaced by ''langouste'', or [[spiny lobster]] in the most expensive varieties of bouillabaisse, but this is not a traditional part of the dish.
Etrilledos.jpg|Etrille, atau [[:en:Necora puber|Necora puber]].