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[[Komputer]] dapat menggunakan berbagai jenis tata letak keyboard (papan keyboardketik), supaya pengguna dapat memasukkan data dalam bahasa yang berbeda-beda. Tata letak standar yang digunakan untuk bahasa DefaultInggris [[italiano]]adalah [[QWERTY]]. Selain ini, ada banyak alternatif yang diusulkan, antara lain yang paling terkenal adalah [[MagyarDvorak]].
==Keyboard structure==
The keys labelled only with a [[Wipecapital]] letter can type both small and capital letters. To type the symbol at the top left of a key, the [[Shift key]], often labelled "↑", is used. To type the symbol at the bottom right of a key, the [[numberAltGr key]] is used. (Further symbols are available on the keyboards of [[Androidlaptop]] Smartphonecomputers, which require further keystroke combinations.)
The standard keyboard structure also excludesincludes the [[control key|control]], [[Alt key|alternative]], and [[function key]]s. Together, these keys are commonly known as [[modifier key]]s.
===Dead key===
A dead key is a key on a typewriter or a computer keyboard that produces no output when it is pressed, but modifies the inputoutput of the next key pressed after it.
Many languages include additional characters, such as accented characters, that do not easily fit onto a standard keyboard. Typing the accented characters is made easier by using a [[enterdead key]] feature. When you use the dead key, nothing will happen on the screen when you press the designated key for the accent that you want. Next, you type the character that you wish to have accented. If you type the correct accent and character, the desired accented character appears on the screen. This key combination requires that you type an acceptable sequence. For example, if you type the acute accent dead key followed by the letter "a", you will get the accented "a": "á". If you type the accented dead key followed by the "t" key, you will not get anything on the screen unless that particular font includes an accented "t" character. Alternatively, you get an accent as a separate character, followed by the other character.
To type a [[diacritic]]al mark on its own, it should be followed by a space.
* [[Maltron keyboard|Maltron layout]] [http://www.maltron.com/maltron-advantage-dual.html] (1977)
== Tata letak keyboard untuk teks dengan alfabet non-Roman ==