Kekristenan di Timur Tengah: Perbedaan revisi

| region1 = {{flag|Mesir}}
| pop1 = 15 —18 juta (est.)<ref name=bbc529>{{cite news |url= |publisher=BBC News |title=Guide: Christians in the Middle East |date=11 October 2011}}</ref>{{ref|a|[a]}}<br/>
12+ millionjuta (2011)<ref name=bbc529/><ref name=EgyptCoptNumbers/><ref name=CWF2011>{{cite web |url= |title=Egypt |date=July 2011 |work=The World Factbook |publisher=[[CIA]] |accessdate=15 October 2011}} "Religions: Coptic 9%", "Population (Egypt): 82,079,639 (July 2011)".</ref><br/>
15.,4 millionjuta (2016)<ref name=wi2005>{{cite web |url= |title=The Copts and Their Political Implications in Egypt |author1=Khairi Abaza |author2=Mark Nakhla |date=25 October 2005 |publisher=The Washington Institute |accessdate=27 August 2010}} "Christians make up 10 percent of Egypt's population of seventy-seven million, though precise estimates of the number of Copts vary widely."
| region2 = {{flag|Suriah}}