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|[[The Pilot (Friends)|The Pilot]] (a.k.a. ''The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate'' atau ''The One Where It All Began'')
| style="font-size: 90%;" | Rachel meninggalkan Barry di altar pelaminan dan pindah bersama teman SMA-nya, Monica.
|[[The One Where Nana Dies Twice]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | Nenek Ross dan Monica meninggal dua kali. Chandler baru tahu bahwa banyak orang - termasuk teman-temannya - mengira ia gay waktu pertama bertemu.
|[[The One Where Underdog Gets Away]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Everyone thinks Joey has VD, Rachel tries to earn the money to go skiing with her family, and everyone has a bad Thanksgiving.</small>-->
|[[The One with the Monkey]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Ross gets a new monkey, Phoebe meets a Scientist Guy, and they all have a lousy New Year.-->
|[[The One with Mrs. Bing]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Chandler's mother comes for a visit - and kisses Ross. Phoebe and Monica compete for a man in a coma. -->
|[[The One with the Dozen Lasagnas]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!-- Monica tries to get rid of twelve lasagnas. Phoebe tells Rachel something bad about Paolo. Chandler and Joey get a new table.-->
|[[The One with the Boobies]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Chandler accidentally sees Rachel's breasts and she tries to get him back. Joey finds out his dad is having an affair. Pheobe dates with an over analytical annoying guy. -->
|[[The One with the Candy Hearts]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Chandler breaks up with Janice, again. The girls have a "cleansing ritual."-->
|[[The One with the Stoned Guy]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Monica tries to impress a potential employer. Joey teaches Ross how to talk dirty.-->
|[[The One with Two Parts, Part One]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Chandler and Joey meet Ursula, Phoebe's twin sister. Ross freaks out about becoming a father.-->
|[[The One with Two Parts, Part Two]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Rachel injures her ankle and convinces Monica to let her use her insurance. Marcel chokes on Scrabble tiles.-->
|[[The One with all the Poker]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--The girls learn to play poker, with the help of Monica's aunt Iris. Ross creates a tough impression but lets Rachel win eventually.-->
|[[The One Where the Monkey Gets Away]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Marcel gets away while Rachel is baby sitting him.-->
|[[The One with the Evil Orthodontist]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Mindy and Rachel realise that Barry is dating both of them simultaneously.-->
|[[The One with the Fake Monica]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Monica gets her credit card stolen.-->
|[[The One with the Ick Factor]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Monica dates a 17-year old from high school - but thinks he's older. Chandler's coworkers hate him.-->
|[[The One with the Birth]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!--Carol gives birth to a baby boy. Ross, Susan and Phoebe get trapped in a closet and come up with a name: Ben. Joey helps a single mom give birth.-->
|[[The One Where Rachel Finds Out]]
| style="font-size: 90%;" | <!-- When Ross goes to China, Chandler accidentally declares that Ross loves Rachel. Ross comes back from China with a new girlfriend. Joey joins in a fertility study.-->
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