Bezaleel: Perbedaan revisi

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=== Kitab 1 Tawarikh ===
Dalam [[1 Tawarikh 2|kitab 1 Tawarikh pasal 2]] tercantum silsilah leluhur Bezaleel sebagai berikut:
sebagai berikut:
: ''Hur memperanakkan Uri dan Uri memperanakkan Bezaleel.''<ref>
{{Alkitab|1 Tawarikh 2:19-20}} (TB)</ref>
Sebelumnya tertulis bahwa ayah Hur adalah Kaleb bin [[Hezron]] bin [[Peres]] bin [[Yehuda]].<ref>{{Alkitab|1 Tawarikh 2:4,5,9,18-19}}</ref>
== Dalam Sastra Rabinik ==
TheTradisi rabbinicalrabinik traditionmengisahkan relatesketika thatAllah whenmenentukan GodBezaleel determinedsebagai toarsitek appointKemah BezalelSuci architectdi ofpadang the desert Tabernaclegurun, HeIa askedmenanyai [[MosesMusa]] whether the choice wereapakah agreeablemenyetujui topilihan himini, anddan receivedmendapatkan the replyjawaban: "LordTuhan, ifjika hedia isbaik acceptable to Theeuntuk-Mu, surelytentunya heia mustbaik be so to mebagiku!" AtNamun, God'satas command,perintah howeverAllah, thepilihan choiceitu wasdiberikan referredkepada toumat the people for approval anduntuk wasdisetujui endorseddan bymendapatkan thempersetujuan. MosesMaka thereuponMusa commandedmemerintahkan BezalelBezaleel tomulai setmembuat aboutKemah making the TabernacleSuci, the holy [[ArkTabut ofPerjanjian|Tabut the Covenant|Arkkudus]], anddan theperkakas sacredkudus utensilslainnya. ItPatut isdicatat tobahwa beMusa noted, however, that Moses mentionedmenyebutkan thesesemuanya initu somewhatdalam invertedurutan orderterbalik, putting the Tabernacle last (comparebandingkan Exodus{{Alkitab|Keluaran 25:10, 26:1}} et seqdst., dengan with Exodus{{Alkitab|Keluaran 31:1-10}}). BezalelBezaleel sagely suggested to him that men usually build the house first and afterward provide the furnishings; but that, inasmuch as Moses had ordered the Tabernacle to be built last, there was probably some mistake and God's command must have run differently. Compare also Philo, "Leg. Alleg."
Bezalel possessed such great wisdom that he could combine those letters of the alphabet with which heaven and earth were created; this being the meaning of the statement (Exodus 31:3): "I have filled him . . . with wisdom and knowledge," which were the implements by means of which God created the world, as stated in [[Book of Proverbs|Proverbs]] 3:19, 20 (Berakhot 55a). By virtue of his profound wisdom, Bezalel succeeded in erecting a sanctuary which seemed a fit abiding-place for God, who is so exalted in time and space ([[Book of Exodus|Exodus]] R. 34:1; Numbers R. 12:3; Midrash Teh. 91). The candlestick of the sanctuary was of so complicated a nature that Moses could not comprehend it, although God twice showed him a heavenly model; but when he described it to Bezalel, the latter understood immediately, and made it at once; whereupon Moses expressed his admiration for the quick wisdom of Bezalel, saying again that he must have been "in the shadow of God" (Hebrew, "beẓel El") when the heavenly models were shown him (Numbers R. 15:10; compare Exodus R. 1. 2; Berakhot l.c.). Bezalel is said to have been only thirteen years of age when he accomplished his great work (Sanhedrin 69b); he owed his wisdom to the merits of pious parents; his grandfather being Hur and his grandmother Miriam, he was thus a grandnephew of Moses (Exodus R. 48:3, 4).
The tradition of craftsmanship was revived by [[Boris Schatz]] who founded the [[Bezalel Academy]] in [[Jerusalem]].
== Zaman modern ==
Tradisi pertukangan dihidupkan kembali oleh [[:en:Boris Schatz|Boris Schatz]] yang mendirikan [[:en:Bezalel Academy|Bezalel Academy]] di [[Yerusalem]].
== Lihat pula ==