Bezaleel: Perbedaan revisi

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Dalam [[1 Tawarikh 2|kitab 1 Tawarikh pasal 2]] tercantum silsilah leluhur Bezaleel.
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: ''Hur memperanakkan Uri dan Uri memperanakkan Bezaleel.''<ref>
==In Rabbinical Literature==
{{Alkitab|1 Tawarikh 2:19-20}} (TB)</ref>
== Dalam Sastra Rabinik ==
The rabbinical tradition relates that when God determined to appoint Bezalel architect of the desert Tabernacle, He asked [[Moses]] whether the choice were agreeable to him, and received the reply: "Lord, if he is acceptable to Thee, surely he must be so to me!" At God's command, however, the choice was referred to the people for approval and was endorsed by them. Moses thereupon commanded Bezalel to set about making the Tabernacle, the holy [[Ark of the Covenant|Ark]], and the sacred utensils. It is to be noted, however, that Moses mentioned these in somewhat inverted order, putting the Tabernacle last (compare Exodus 25:10, 26:1 et seq., with Exodus 31:1-10). Bezalel sagely suggested to him that men usually build the house first and afterward provide the furnishings; but that, inasmuch as Moses had ordered the Tabernacle to be built last, there was probably some mistake and God's command must have run differently. Compare also Philo, "Leg. Alleg."