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== Referensi ==
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== Pranala Luarluar ==
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=== Website Resmi ===
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# [ Free Pascal]
# [ Wiki, juga digunakan oleh Lazarus]
=== Situs web resmi ===
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* {{Official website|}} FPC
[[Category:Free compilers and interpreters]]
* {{Official website|}} Lazarus RAD IDE
[[Category:Free software programmed in Pascal]]
[[Category:Pascal compilers]]
[[Category:Pascal programming language family]]
[[Category:Mac OS software]]
[[Category:Solaris software]]
[[Category:Windows software]]
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[[Category:Linux programming tools]]
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=== Pengenalan umum ===
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#* [http FreeOfficial Pascaldocumentation]
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* [ Modern Object Pascal Introduction for Programmers] - by Michalis Kamburelis
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=== Alat pengembangan FPC lainnya ===
[[cs:Free Pascal]]
* [ FPS] –a complete Win32-based IDE for FPC, including debugger ([[stack trace|trace]], [[breakpoint]] and [[breakpoint|watch]] windows)
[[de:Free Pascal]]
* [ DevPascal] – Win32 based IDE for FPC
[[en:Free Pascal]]
* [ Tabitha] – a Windows portable editor for FreePascal
[[es:Free Pascal]]
* [ Morfik] – Win32 based IDE for build Ajax-based web applications that uses FPC for compiling back-end server side logic
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[[fr:Free Pascal]]
=== Situs dengan kekhususan dalam pengembangan game ===
[[it:Free Pascal]]
* [ Pascal Game Development]
[[ja:Free Pascal]]
* [ Pascal Gamer Magazine]
[[ko:프리 파스칼]]
* [ FPC 4 GBA Programming Tutorial] – an extensive tutorial into game programming on the Game Boy Advance with Free Pascal
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