Komisi Peel: Perbedaan revisi

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Para pemimpin Zionis terbelah menjadi dua dalam memandang rencana ini.<ref name="Podeh"/> Dalam resolusi Kongres Zionis 1937, para delegasi menolak rencana pembagian spesifik. Namun, prinsip pembagian wilayah secara umum "diterima" atau "tidak ditolak sepenuhnya" oleh semua faksi utama; para delegasi mendorong para pemimpin melanjutkan negosiasi.<ref name=Podeh /><ref>Itzhak Galnoor, [https://books.google.com/books?id=-22kHkqPvscC&pg=PA208 ''Partition of Palestine, The: Decision Crossroads in the Zionist Movement,''] State University of New York Press 2012 p.208.</ref><ref>
Allan Gerson, [https://books.google.com/books?id=Jj_dGawWJ-YC&pg=PA88 ''Israel, the West Bank and International Law,''] Frank Cass 1978 pp.87-88 n.33.</ref><ref>Herbert Druks, [https://books.google.com/books?id=6Msm-bTeCdkC&pg=PA33 ''The Uncertain Friendship: The U.S. and Israel from Roosevelt to Kennedy,''] ABC-Clio/Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001 p.33.</ref> Dewan [[Badan Yahudi]] meminta dibentuknya sebuah konferensi untuk membahas penyelesaian damai terhadap persatuan Palestina.<ref name="Podeh" /> Menurut [[Benny Morris]], Ben-Gurion dan Weizmann memandangnya 'sebagai batu loncatan untuk perluasan wilayah dan pendudukan seluruh Palestina.’<ref name="Podeh" /><ref name="MorrisBGW">[[Benny Morris]], [https://books.google.com/books?id=xC_uIe9G2FYC&pg=PT237 ''Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist- Arab Conflict, 1881-2001,''] Vintage Books 2001 pp.136-7</ref>
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<ref name="Weizmann1983p102">{{cite book|author=Chaim Weizmann|title=The Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann: series B|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=PsabNtx33VMC&pg=PA102|date=1 January 1983|publisher=Transaction Publishers|isbn=978-0-87855-297-9|pages=102–|quote=On 25 November 1936, testifying before the Peel Commission, Weizmann said that there are in Europe 6,000,000 Jews ... "for whom the world is divided into places where they cannot live and places where they cannot enter."}}</ref>
<ref name="WoodheadReport1938">{{cite web|title=Woodhead commission report|url=https://archive.org/details/WoodheadCommission}}</ref>
<ref name="Morris2004p11">{{cite book|author=Benny Morris|title=The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=uM_kFX6edX8C&pg=PA11|accessdate=25 July 2013|year=2004|publisher=Cambridge University Press|isbn=978-0-521-00967-6|pages=11, 48, 49, |quote="p. 11 "while the Zionist movement, after much agonising, accepted the principle of partition and the proposals as a basis for negotiation"; p. 49 "In the end, after bitter debate, the Congress equivocally approved –by a vote of 299 to 160 – the Peel recommendations as a basis for further negotiation."}}</ref>
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