Kejuaraan AFF 2018: Perbedaan revisi

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|{{fb|THA}} ([[Kejuaraan AFF 2016|Pemegang 2016]]) <br />{{fb|IDN}} <br />{{fb|PHI}} <br /> {{fb|SIN}} <br />({{fb|BRU}} atau {{TLS}})
== Tempat ==
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!{{flagicon|IDN}} [[Bogor]]
!{{flagicon|IDN}} [[Bekasi]]
!{{flagicon|PHI}} [[Bacolod]]
|[[Stadion Pakansari]]<ref name="inaprop">{{cite news|last1=Ooi|first1=Kin Fai|title=Indonesia proposing Pakansari and Patriot Stadiums for 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup group matches|url=|accessdate=3 May 2018||date=3 May 2018}}</ref>
|[[Stadion Patriot, Bekasi|Stadion Patriot]]<ref name="inaprop"/>
|[[Panaad Park and Stadium]]<ref name="phivenues">{{cite web|title=Philippines To Debut In AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019; Uphill Task In AFF Suzuki Cup 2018|url=||publisher=The Philippine Football Federation|accessdate=7 May 2018|date=7 May 2018}}</ref>
|Kapasitas: '''30,000'''
|Kapasitas: '''30,000'''
|Kapasitas: '''8,000'''
|[[Berkas:Stadion Pakansari AFF 2016 Final.jpg|200px]]
|[[Berkas:Patriot Chandrabhaga 02.jpg|200px]]
!{{flagicon|PHI}} [[Manila]]
!{{flagicon|SIN}} [[Kallang]]
!TBA venues for:
|[[Stadion Rizal Memorial]]<ref name="phivenues"/>
|[[Stadion Nasional Singapura, Singapore|National Stadium]]<ref name="toughdrawtst">{{cite news|last1=Lee|first1=David|title=Tough draw but Lions stay positive|url=|accessdate=3 May 2018|work=The Strait Times|date=3 May 2018|quote=The Lions will open their campaign at the National Stadium against Indonesia on Nov 9...}}</ref>
|Kapasitas: ''' 12,873''
|Kapasitas: '''55,000'''
|[[Berkas::Football stadium, Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Malate, Manila.jpg|200px]]
|[[Berkas:Seating at Singapore National Stadium.jpg|200px]]
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