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|caption = Swordfish nomor ''LS326'' sedang mengudara pada tahun 2012
}}{{Infobox aircraft type
|type = [[FesawatPesawat pembom torpedo]]
|manufacturer = [[Fairey Aviation]]
|designer =
'''Fairey Swordfish''' adalah [[pesawat pembom torpedo]] [[pesawat biplan|biplan]] buatan [[Fairey Aviation Company|Perusahaan Penerbangan Fairey]]. Pesawat ini populer digunakan selama tahun 1930-an. Pesawat ini digunakan dari [[Perang Dunia 1]], tapi disesuaikan dan ditingkatkan untuk [[Perang Dunia 2]]. Julukan untuk pesawat ini adalah "Stringbag".
[[File:Royal Air Force Coastal Command, 1939-1945. CL1638.jpg|thumb|right|A Swordfish III of RAF 119 Squadron being refueled at [[Maldegem]], Belgium, (1944–1945). The fairing of the aircraft's centimetric radar can be seen below the engine]]
;Swordfish Mk. I
:First production series.
;Swordfish Mk. I
:Version equipped with floats, for use from [[catapult]]-equipped warships.
;Swordfish Mk. II
:Version with metal lower wings to enable the mounting of rockets, introduced in 1943.
;Swordfish Mk. III
:Version with added large centrimetric [[radar]] unit, introduced in 1943.
;Swordfish Mk. IV
:Last serial built version (production ended in 1944) with an enclosed cabin for use by the [[RCAF]]
==Specificasi (Swordfish Mk. I)==
[[File:Fairey Swordfish Mk I.svg|right|300px]]
[[File:The Royal Navy during the Second World War A8581.jpg|thumb|A Fairey Swordfish. Note the folding wing being moved by ground crew]]
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|ref=''Fairey Aircraft since 1915'',<ref name="Taylor p259">Taylor 1974, p. 259.</ref> ''The Fairey Swordfish Mks. I-IV''<ref name = "stott 43">Stott 1971, p. 43.</ref>
|crew=Three (pilot, observer, and radio operator/rear gunner; observers position frequently replaced with auxiliary fuel tank)
|length main=35 ft 8 in
|length alt=10.87 m
|span main=45 ft 6 in<ref>Folded Span: 17 ft 3 in (5.26 m)</ref>
|span alt=13.87 m
|height main=12 ft 4 in
|height alt=3.76 m
|area main=607 ft²
|area alt=56.4 m²
|empty weight main=4,195 lb
|empty weight alt=1,900 kg
|loaded weight main=7,580 lb <ref name="Taylor 1974, p. 259">Taylor 1974, p. 259</ref>
|loaded weight alt=3,450 kg
|max takeoff weight main=
|max takeoff weight alt=
|engine (prop)=[[Bristol Pegasus]] IIIM.3
|type of prop=[[radial engine]]
|number of props=1
|power main=690 hp
|power alt=510 kW
|power more=
|max speed main=143 mph with torpedo at 7,580 lb
|max speed alt=230 km/h, 124 knots
|max speed more=at 5,000 ft (1,450 m)
|range main=522 mi
|range alt=840 km, 455 [[nautical mile|nmi]]
|range more=normal fuel, carrying torpedo<ref>Taylor 1974, p. 260: 1,030 mi (1,660 km,896 nmi) reconnaissance with no bombs and extra fuel</ref>
|endurance=5.5 hr
|ferry range main=
|ferry range alt=
|ceiling main=16,500 ft at 7,580 lb<ref name="Taylor 1974, p. 259"/>
|ceiling alt=5,030 m
|climb rate main= 870 ft/min (4.42 m/s) at sea level at 7,580 lb.
|climb rate alt= 690 ft/min (3.5 m/s) at 5000 ft (1,524 m) at 7,580 lb
|loading main=
|loading alt=
|power/mass main=
|power/mass alt=
|guns=<br />
** 1 × fixed, forward-firing .303 in (7.7 mm) [[Vickers machine gun]] in upper right fuselage, breech in cockpit, firing over engine cowling
** 1 × .303 in (7.7 mm) [[Lewis Gun|Lewis]] or [[Vickers K machine gun]] in rear cockpit
|bombs=1 × 1,670 lb (760 kg) [[torpedo]] or 1,500 lb (700 kg) [[Naval mine|mine]] under fuselage or 1,500 lb total of bombs under fuselage and wings.
|rockets=8 × "60 lb" [[RP-3]] rocket projectiles (Mk.II and later)
== Referensi ==