Bantuan:Konflik penyuntingan: Perbedaan revisi

Nama wati dan budi lebih mudah dimengerti.
k (Nama wati dan budi lebih mudah dimengerti.)
'''Konflik penyuntingan''' terjadi jika dua pengguna menyunting dan menyimpan satu halaman yang sama pada saat yang berurutan. Untuk memahami konflik penyuntingan, berikut contoh skenarionya:
* PaijoBudi menekan "sunting" pada suatu halaman.
* PainemWati menekan "sunting" pada halaman yang sama.
* PaijoBudi selesai menyunting dan mengklik "Simpan halaman". Halaman tersebut tersimpan dengan versi PaijoBudi.
* PainemWati selesai menyunting dan mengklik "Simpan halaman". Budi akan mendapatkan halaman "''konflik penyuntingan''".
Halaman ini membahas konflik penyuntingan dan cara penyelesaiannya.
<!--== Layout of the edit conflict page ==
At the top is Alice's version of the whole page, even if Bob is doing section editing.
* check the page history for such edits, and merge the changes before pasting back.
Sometimes mistakes will be made in the merging process, because Bob is human, and this may cause some of Alice's changes to be accidentally reversed. Logical edit conflicts aren't always immediately visible. Sometimes Bob may have good reasons for thinking that Alice's improvements aren't useful. In these case, Alice and Bob are expected to resolve their differences amicably.
If Bob repeats his error, then the best approach is for Alice to have a friendly word on his talk page, point him to this page, and ask him if he could take a little more care in the future. This is particularly important for newcomers, who may not understand the correct way to resolve edit conflicts, though even experienced users may need the occasional friendly '''reminder'''.
When saving a previous version (i.e. when reverting) or a new version based on that (a modified reversion) the edit conflict warning and prevention system is not triggered and a possible new edit made in the meantime is unintentionally reverted also, see [[Help:Reverting|Reverting a page to an earlier version]]. To avoid this problem one can copy the text from the edit box of the old version into the edit box of the latest version. In some sense, this can cause ''hidden edit conflicts'': you may overwrite someone else's changes without realising that you are doing so. It's always wise to check the [[Help:Diff|diff]] after performing a revert, just as you would after posting via edit conflict. Preferably, one can simply try to avoid reversion wars.
== PreventionPencegahan ==
Because edit conflicts are irritating and time-consuming, you may choose to alter your editing habits to render them less frequent: aiming to make more edits to pages that have not been edited recently, such as those listed on [[Special:Ancientpages|ancient pages]], for example.
New since v.1.3 is CVS-style edit conflict merging, based on the diff3 utility. This feature will only trigger an edit conflict if users attempt to edit the same few lines. See also [[Meatball:MergingAutomatically|automatic merge]].-->
== Lihat pula ==
* [[m:Help:Edit conflict]], halaman bantuan di Meta
* [[Wikipedia:Perang suntingan|Perang suntingan]]