Selat Bristol: Perbedaan revisi

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Hingga [[Zaman Tudor]], Selat Bristol dikenal sebagai '''Laut Severn''', dan masih dikenal seperti ini dalam {{lang-cy|Môr Hafren}} dan {{lang-kw|Mor Havren}}.<ref>The sixteenth-century geographer, Roger Barlow, defined the ‘see called severne’ as all those waters east of the Scilly Isles ‘betwene the principlitie of wales and englande’: E. G. R. Taylor (ed.), A Brief Summe of Geographie, by Roger Barlow (Abingdon, 2016), p. 32.</ref>
== Geografi ==
The [[International Hydrographic Organisation]] now defines the western limit of the Bristol Channel as "a line joining [[Hartland Point]] in [[Devon]] ({{coord|51|01|N|4|32|W|display=inline}}) to [[St. Govan's Head]] in [[Pembrokeshire]] ({{coord|51|36|N|4|55|W|display=inline}})". The IHO previously put the western limit at a line from [[Trevose Head]] in [[Cornwall]] to [[Skomer Island]] in Pembrokeshire, in an area now considered part of the [[Celtic Sea]].<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Limits of Oceans and Seas, 3rd edition + corrections|year=1971|publisher=International Hydrographic Organization|accessdate=6 February 2010|page=42 [corrections to page 13]}}</ref>
== Referensi ==