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About Us
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WSK is a distribution company engaged in textile especially knitting fabric. purpose in the form of wsk is to help facilitate small and medium business distro and garment industry get quality knit fabric in city area bandung.
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Our Company.
Our Product.
WSKTextile always offers better products supported by efficient services, including supplying orders on time by following the quantity and quality strictly determined by the customer. Our products include cotton combed 24S & 30S, CVC Twotone, CVC Misty, CVC Lacoste.
Our Team.
Our team consists of dynamic, talented, fully motivated, and dedicated people. Therefore, WSKTextile is your first choice to become your business partner.
Our Vision
Grow to be the ultimate choice for textile fabric needs
Our Mission
1. Oriented to the fulfillment of market needs
2. Facilitate business partners to strive by always improving the quality of service and products
3. Developing human resources that can adapt to change
4. Build close coordination and partnership with all partners
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