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# [[Brun yang Agung|Brun]] (925 – 965), [[Daftar Uskup dan Uskup Agung Köln|Uskup Agung Köln]] dan [[Daftar Penguasa Lorraine|Adipati Lorraine]]
[[Berkas:Quedlinburg Schloss 956.png|thumbjmpl|leftkiri|160px|''Stift Quedlinburg'' yang digambar pada sekitar tahun 956]]
After her husband had died in 936, Matilda and her son Otto established [[Quedlinburg Abbey]] in his memory, a convent of noble [[canoness]]es, where in 966 her granddaughter [[Matilda, Abbess of Quedlinburg|Matilda]] became the first abbess. At first she remained at the court of her son Otto, however in the quarrels between the young king and his rivaling brother [[Henry I, Duke of Bavaria|Henry]] a cabal of royal advisors is reported to have accused her of weakening the royal treasury in order to pay for her charitable activities. After a brief exile at her Westphalian manors at [[Enger]], where she established a college of [[Canon (priest)|canons]] in 947, Matilda was brought back to court at the urging of King Otto's first wife, the Anglo-Saxon princess [[Eadgyth|Edith of Wessex]].