Kondensat Bose–Einstein: Perbedaan antara revisi

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Related experiments in cooling [[fermions]] rather than [[bosons]] to extremely low temperatures have created [[degenerate matter|degenerate]] gases, where the atoms do not congregate in a single state due to the [[Pauli exclusion principle]]. To exhibit Bose-Einstein condensate, the fermions must "pair up" to form compound particles (e.g. [[molecules]] or [[BCS theory|Cooper pairs]]) that are bosons. The first [[molecule|molecular]] Bose-Einstein condensates were created in November [[2003]] by the groups of [[Rudolf Grimm]] at the [[University of Innsbruck]], [[Deborah S. Jin]] at the [[University of Colorado at Boulder]] and [[Wolfgang Ketterle]] at [[Massachusetts Institute of Technology|MIT]]. Jin quickly went on to create the first [[Fermionic condensate|fermionic condensate]] comprised of Cooper pairs [http://physicsweb.org/articles/news/8/1/14/1].
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