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|combatant2=[[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] [[Gerakan Aceh Merdeka]]
|commander1={{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Suharto]]<br /> {{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie|Jusuf Habibie]]<br /> {{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Abdurahman Wahid]]<br /> {{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Megawati Sukarnoputri]]<br /> {{flagicon|Indonesia}} [[Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono|Susilo Yudhoyono]]
|commander2=[[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] [[Hasan di Tiro]] <br/> [[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] [[Zaini Abdullah]] <br/> [[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] [[Abdullah Syafi'i (GAM)|Abdullah Syafi'i]]{{KIA}} <br/> [[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] [[Muzakir Manaf]] <br/> [[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] [[Kamaruddin Abubakar]] <br/> [[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] [[Sofyan Dawood]] <br/> [[Berkas:Flag of Aceh.svg|20px]] Ayah Muni
|strength1= 150,000 <ref>Miller, Michelle Ann. Rebellion and Reform in Indonesia. Jakarta's Security and Autonomy Policies in Aceh (London: Routledge 2008) ISBN 978-0-415-45467-4</ref>
|strength2= 3,000 <ref>{{cite book|last=Schulze|first=Kirsten E.|title=The Free Aceh Movement (GAM): Anatomy of a Separatist Organization|year=2004|publisher=East-West Center Washington|location=Washington|isbn=1-932728-03-1|page=30}}</ref>