Hutan Beograd: Perbedaan revisi

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== Sejarah ==
Hutan tersebut mengambil nama dari ribuan orang Serbia yang dipindahkan oleh [[Suleiman I]] ke Istanbul setelah [[Pengepungan BelgradeBeograd (1521)]].<ref>{{cite book|author=Sydney Nettleton Fisher|title=The Middle East, a History|url=|year=1959|publisher=Knopf|quote=
Many Serbs were transplanted to the outskirts of Istanbul, where the Belgrad Forest still remains as testimony to this ...}}</ref><ref name="CreightonWinsor1920">{{cite book|author1=Mandell Creighton|author2=Justin Winsor|author3=Samuel Rawson Gardiner|author4=Reginald Lane Poole|author5=Sir John Goronwy Edwards|title=The English Historical Review|url=|year=1920|publisher=Longman|quote=and the Belgrad forest near Constantinople, so called from the captives taken at the present Serbian capital in 1521}}</ref>