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* ''Anarchism'', [[George Woodcock]] (Penguin Books, 1962) (For many years the classic introduction, until in part superseded by Harper's ''Anarchy: A Graphic Guide'')
* ''Anarchy: A Graphic Guide'', [[Clifford Harper]] (Camden Press, 1987) (An excellent overview, updating Woodcock's classic, and beautifully illustrated throughout by Harper's woodcut-style artwork)
* ''The Anarchist Reader'', George Woodcock (Ed.) (Fontana/Collins 1977) (An anthology of writings from anarchist thinkers and activists including [[Pierre-Joseph Proudhon|Proudhon]], [[Peter Kropotkin|Kropotkin]], [[Mikhail Bakunin|Bakunin]], [[Murray Bookchin|Bookchin]], [[Emma Goldman|Goldman]], and many others.)
* ''[[The Dispossessed]]'', [[Ursula K. Le Guin]] (a 1974 [[science fiction]] novel that takes place on a planet with an anarchist society; winner of both the [[Hugo Award|Hugo]] and [[Nebula Award]]s for best novel.)
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