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| conflict = Soviet-Japanese War
| partof = [[World War II]]
| image = [[FileBerkas:US-Soviet sailors on VJ Day.jpg|300px]]
| caption = Pelaut Soviet dan Amerika di Alaska pada [[Hari Kemenangan atas Jepang]]
| date = 9 Agustus&nbsp;– 2 September 1945<br>({{Age in years, months, weeks and days|month1=08|day1=09|year1=1945|month2=09|day2=02|year2=1945}})
The Associated Press|publisher=The Moscow Times}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|url=|title=How the Soviets helped Allies defeat Japan|first=Slobodan|last=Lekic|date=22 August 2010|publisher=San Francisco Chronicle}}</ref>
== Referensi dan catatan ==
== Bacaan tambahan ==
Semua dalam bahasa Inggris:
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== Pranala luar ==
{{Commons category|World War II Operation August Storm|World War II Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation}}
* [ Japanese Air Order of Battle and Operations Against 'August Storm'], August 1945.
* [ WW2DB: Operation August Storm]
* Observations over Soviet Air Arm in Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation:
** [ Soviet naval aerial kills]
* Soviet side information:
** [ Comment over Soviet Pacific Fleet during Russian-German Conflict and Japanese forces actions in this period]
** [ Comment about Soviet Russian Pacific Fleet actions during Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation]
** [ General information over Soviet Invasion to Japanese land in Karafuto and Kuriles from August 1945], with some photos, only in Russian language.
* Soviet battle maps:
** [ Soviet viewpoint map of the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation]
** [ Soviet viewpoint map of Battle against Japanese fortifications in Shumushu and Paramushiro islands]
** [ Soviet viewpoint map of Battle against Koton Japanese fortifications in way to Shikuka city, in north Karafuto area]
* Japanese POWs:
** [ The Notes of Japanese soldier in USSR]
* Operation August Storm photo gallery:
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