Scientific American: Perbedaan antara revisi

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* [[Rufus M. Porter]] (1792–1884), pertama
* [[Orson Desaix Munn I]], ketiga<ref>{{cite news|first=|last=|authorlink=|coauthors=|title=
A Century of Progress|url=,9171,791839,00.html|quote=Present editor and publisher (third in the line) is Orson Desaix Munn, 61, a patent lawyer, crack bird hunter and fisherman, rumba fancier, familiar figure in Manhattan café society. |work=[[Time (magazine)|Time]]|date=January 1, 1945|accessdate=2008-07-15 }}</ref>
* [[Dennis Flanagan]] (1919–2005) menjadi editor sejak tahun 1947.<ref>{{cite news|first= Marc|last= Santora|authorlink=|coauthors=|title= Dennis Flanagan, 85, Editor of Scientific American for 37 Years|url=|quote= Dennis Flanagan, who as editor of Scientific American magazine helped foster science writing for the general reader, died at his home in Manhattan on Friday. He was 85. The cause of death was prostate cancer, according to his wife, Barbara Williams Flanagan. Mr. Flanagan, who worked at Scientific American for more than three decades beginning in 1947, teamed editors directly with working scientists, publishing pieces by leading figures like Albert Einstein, Linus Pauling and J. Robert Oppenheimer.|work=[[New York Times]]|date=January 17, 2005|accessdate=2008-04-01 }}</ref>
* [[Jonathan Piel]], Juni 1984 sampai Agustus 1994