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Robot: Perubahan kosmetika
Setelah ditipu oleh dua ahli [[alkimia]] saat mencari rahasia awet muda, Qin Shi Huang juga memerintahkan agar 460 ahli di ibukota dikubur hidup-hidup, meskipun menurut Wei Hong jumlahnya mencapai 700. Beberapa di antaranya juga merupakan ahli Konfusius.<ref>In Chinese: "於是使御史悉案問諸生,諸生傳相告引,乃自除。<sup>1</sup>犯禁者四百六十餘人,皆阬之咸陽,使天下知之,以懲後。益發謫徙邊。始皇長子扶蘇諫曰:「天下初定,遠方黔首未集,諸生皆誦法孔子,今上皆重法繩之,臣恐天下不安。唯上察之。」", from ''[[Shiji]]'' chapter 6.
English translation: The first emperor therefore directed the imperial censor to investigate the scholars one by one. The scholars accused each other, and so the emperor personally determined their fate. More than 460 of them were buried alive at [[Xianyang]], and the event is announced to all under heaven for warning followers. More people were internally exiled to border regions. [[Fusu]], the eldest son of the emperor, counselled: "The empire just achieved peace, and the barbarians in distant areas have not surrendered. The scholars all venerate [[Confucius]] and take him as a role model. Your servant fears if Your Majesty punish them so severely, it may cause unrest in the empire. Please observe this, Your Majesty." (<sup>1</sup>Punctuation and therefore translation is ambiguous here. Punctuation given here reflects the 1959 Zhonghua Shuju (中華書局) edition.)</ref>
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