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= BBM =
Dual BM 2016 is a multi-BBM apps with many transparent themes and attached with many new features, helps you to experience the more diversified and exciting activities.
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The app help installing many BBM apps on your android. Some of the BBM apps you can run at the same time with this app.
Now, Dual BM 2016 is available on android store, you can download and experience the powerful features for free. 
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With Dual BM 2016, you will have amazing experience This app allows you to install BBM1, BBM2, BBM3. BBM4. BBM5 and BBM6. This six apps can be run at the same time on your android smoothly, maximized the power, running speed of the device
Dual BM 2016 owns a not-too-complicated theme, which users can easily manage on the first time exploring its attracting, effective features
Main features of Dual BM 2016 apk
- Free for android
- Install from 2 to 5 BBM apps on a smartphone
- An option of included mod transparent theme
- Easily move to SD card
- New doubled WhatsApp
- New Instagram transparent app
- You can group your group conversation like (PIN for work, friends or family)
- Many more features about advanced Dual BBM
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