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'''Penjara''' adalah tempat orang-orang dikurung dan dibatasi berbagai macam [[kebebasan]]. Penjara umumnya adalah institusi yang diatur pemerintah dan merupakan bagian dari sistem [[pengadilan kriminal]] suatu negara, atau sebagai fasilitas untuk menahan [[tahanan perang]].
==Prisons in the criminal justice system==
In the domain of criminal justice, prisons are used to incarcerate convicted [[criminal]]s, but also to house those charged with or likely to be charged with offences. Custodial [[sentence (law)|sentence]]s are sanctions authorised by law for a range of offences. A court may order the incarceration of an individual found guilty of such offences. Individuals may also be committed to prison by a court ''before'' a [[trial]], [[verdict]] or [[sentence (law)|sentence]], generally because the court determines that there is a [[risk]] to society or a risk of absconding prior to a trial; such pre-trial imprisonment is known as [[remand]]. The possibility and maximal duration of remand vary between jurisdictions.
The availability of incarceration as a sanction is designed to mitigate against the likelihood of individuals committing offences: thus prisons are in part about the punishment of individuals who transgress statutory boundaries. Prisons also can serve to protect by removing from society individuals likely to pose a risk to others. Prisons also can have a rehabilitative role in seeking to change the nature of individuals so as to reduce the probability that they will reoffend upon release.
The nature of prisons and of prison systems varies from country to country. Common though by no means universal attributes are segregation by sex, and by category of risk.
Crime and punishment is a wide, very controversial and deeply politicised area, and so too are discussions of prisons, prison systems, the concepts and practices of imprisonment; and the sanction of custody set against other non-custodial sanctions and against the capital sanction, a [[death sentence]]. Some of these issues are discussed in the by country descriptions, below.-->
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