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Multi-sited ethnography may also follow ethnic groups in [[diaspora]], stories or rumours that appear in multiple locations and in multiple time periods, metaphors that appear in multiple ethnographic locations, or the biographies of individual people or groups as they move through space and time. It may also follow conflicts that transcend boundaries. An example of multi-sited ethnography is [[Nancy Scheper-Hughes]]'s work on the international black market for the trade of human organs. In this research, she follows organs as they are transferred through various legal and illegal networks of capitalism, as well as the rumours and urban legends that circulate in impoverished communities about child kidnapping and organ theft.
Sociocultural anthropologists have increasingly turned their investigative eye on to [[western culture|"Western" culture]]. For example, [[Philippe Bourgois]] won the [[Margaret Mead Award]] in 1997 for ''In Search of Respect'', a study of the entrepreneurs in a Harlem crack-den. Also growing more popular are ethnographies of professional communities, such as laboratory researchers, [[Wall Street]] investors, law firms, or [[information technology]] (IT) computer employees.<ref>[ Dissertation Abstract]</ref>
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