Austria-Hongaria: Perbedaan revisi

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{{Infobox Formerformer Countrycountry
|native_name = {{nowrap|{{lang-de|Österreich-Ungarn}}}}<br/>{{nowrap|{{lang-hu|Osztrák–Magyar Monarchia}}}}
|native_name = |native_name = ''Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie'' <small>([[Bahasa Jerman|de]])</small><br/>''Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia'' <small>([[Bahasa Hongaria|hu]])</small>
|conventional_long_name = Kekaisaran Austria-Hongaria
|common_name = Austria-Hungaria
|region = Eropa Tengah
|era= Imperialisme Baru/[[Perang Dunia I|PDPerang IDunia Pertama]]
|country = Austria
|era=Imperialisme Baru/[[Perang Dunia I|PD I]]
|year_start =1867
|year_end =1918
|date_start = 1 Maret
|date_end = 11 November
|p1 = Kekaisaran Austria
|flag_p1 = Flag_of_the_Habsburg_MonarchyFlag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg
|s1 = Republic of German-Austria
|p2 = Kerajaan Hongaria
|s2 = Hungarian Democratic Republic
|flag_p2 = Flag of Hungary (1867-1918).svg
|s3 = First Czechoslovak Republic
|s1 = Austria Jerman
|s4 = West Ukrainian People's Republic
|s2 = Republik Demokratik Hongaria{{!}}Hongaria
|s5 = Second Polish Republic
|s3 = Republik Cekoslowakia_(1918–1938){{!}}Cekoslowakia
|s6 = Kingdom of Romania
|s4 = Republik Rakyat Ukraina{{!}}Ukraina
|s7 = State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs
|s5 = Republik Polandia Kedua{{!}}Polandia
|s8 = Banat, Bačka and Baranja
|s6 = Negara Slovenia, Kroasia, dan Serbia{{!}}Slovenia, Kroasia, dan Serbia
|s9 = Kingdom of Italy
|s7 = Kerajaan Serbia{{!}}Serbia
|s8 = Kerajaan Italia (1861-1946){{!}}Italia
|s9 = Kerajaan Rumania{{!}}Rumania
|flag_s1 = Flag of Austria.svg
|flag_s2 = Civil EnsignFlag of Hungary (1918-1919; 3-2 aspect ratio).svg
|flag_s3 = Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
|flag_s4 = Flag of the Ukranian State.svg
|flag_s5 = Flag of Poland.svg
|flag_s6 = Flag of the State of Slovenes, Croats and SerbsRomania.svg
|flag_s7 = State Flag of Serbiathe State of Slovenes, Croats and (1882-1918)Serbs.svg
|flag_s8 = State Flag of ItalySerbia (18611882-19461918) crowned.svg
|flag_s9 = Flag of RomaniaItaly (1861-1946).svg
|image_flag = Flag_of_Austria-Hungary_1869-1918.svg
|flag_type = Bendera sipil
|coa_size = 120px
|flag = Bendera Austria
|image_coat = Imperial Coat of Arms of the Empire of Austria.svg
|image_coat = Austria-Hungaria transparency.png
|symbol_type= Lambang (1915).
|image_map =Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1914).svg
|image_map_caption = Lokasi Austria-Hongaria pada 1914
|national_motto = ''Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter''<br/><small>""Tak Terbagikan dan Terpisahkan""</small>
|national_anthem = [[Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser|Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze, Unsern Kaiser, unser Land!]]<br>"Tuhan melestarikan, Tuhan melindungi, Kaisar kami, negara kami!"
|national_anthem = ''[[Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser]]''<br /><small>"Tuhan Selamatkan Kaisar Franz"</small><br /><center>[[File:Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser, vocal and instrumental.ogg]]</center>
|national_motto = ''Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter''<br/><small>"Tak Terbagikan dan Terpisahkan"</small>
|common_languages = Bahasa resmi'''Resmi:'''<ref>[http:br// "official languages of austria hungary" - Google Search<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref><ref>[ The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us - Francis Tapon - Google Books<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref><br>[[Bahasabahasa Jerman|Jerman]] danand [[Bahasa HongariaHungaria|Hongaria]]<ref>Fisher, Gilman. [http ''The Essentials of Geography for School Year 1888&ndash;18891888–1889'', p.&nbsp;47]. New England Publishing Company (Boston), 1888. Accessed 20 August 2014.</ref>,<br/>{{hidden|'''Minoritas:'''|<!--alphabetical order-->[[Bahasa CekoKroasia|CekoKroasia]],<ref>Austria. (2010). Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopaedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite. Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica. ("In April 1897 he issued a famous language ordinance that introduced Czech as a language equal to German even in the "inner service"—i.e., for communications within government departments.")</ref> [[Bahasa PolandiaCeska|PolandiaCekoslowak]], [[Bahasa UkrainaItalia|UkrainaItalia]], [[Bahasa RumaniaPolski|RumaniaPolandia]], Bahasa Romani, [[Bahasa KroasiaRomania |KroasiaRomania]], [[Bahasa ItaliaRusyn|ItaliaRusyn]], <br/>Bahasa tidak resmi:<br>[[Bahasa Serbia|Serbia]], [[Bahasa Slowakia|Slowakia]], [[Bahasa Slovenia|Slovenia]], [[Bahasa BosniaUkraina|BosniaUkraina]], dan [[Bahasa RusynYiddi|RusynYiddish]]{{refn|From the ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' (1878), although note that ''this'' "Romani" refers to the language of those described by the ''EB'' as "Gypsies"; the ''EB''&rsquo;s "Romani or Wallachian" refers to what is today known as Romanian; Rosyn and Ukrainian correspond to dialects of what the ''EB'' refers to as "[[BahasaRuthenian Yiddilanguage|YiddiRuthenian]]"; and Yiddish was the common language of the [[Austrian Jews]], although [[Hebrew language|Hebrew]] was also known by many.}}|style=font-size:100%;padding:0.25em 0 0; |headerstyle=text-align:left;font-weight:normal;}}
|religion = Predominantly [[Roman Catholicism]].<ref name=eb9/><br/>Also <!--by pop-->[[Eastern Orthodoxy]], [[Calvinism]], [[Judaism]], [[Lutheranism]],<ref name=eb9/> and <small>([[Annexation of Bosnia|after 1908]])</small> [[Sunni Islam]]
|religion = [[Katolik Roma]], [[Protestan]], [[Ortodoks Timur]], [[Yudaisme]], dan [[Islam]] (dari 1878)
|capital = [[WinaVienna]] (ibukotaIbukota utamaUtama)<ref name="wien-vienna"/><br/>and [[Budapest]]
|largest_city = [[Vienna]]= 1 ,623 538,538 jiwa [[Budapest]]= 1 ,612 ,902 jiwa
<ref name="wien-vienna">{{cite web|author=Citype&nbsp;– Internet&nbsp;– Portal Betriebsges.m.b.H |url= |title=Austro-Hungarian Empire k.u.k. Monarchy dual-monarchic Habsburg Emperors of Austria | |accessdate=11 September 2011}}</ref> dan [[Budapest]]
|government_type = [[Constitutional monarchy]],<br/>[[Personal union]] (through [[dual monarchy]])
|largest_city = [[Vienna]]= 1 623 538, [[Budapest]]= 1 612 902
|title_leader = [[Emperor of Austria|Emperor]]-[[King of Hungary|King]]
|government_type = [[Monarki konstitusional]], [[uni personal]] melalui ''[[monarki ganda]]''
|title_leaderleader1 = [[KaisarFranz Joseph I of Austria|Kaisar]]-[[RajaFrancis Hongaria|RajaJoseph I]]
|leader1 = [[Franz Joseph I dari Austria|Franz Joseph I]]
|year_leader1 = 1867–1916
|leader2 = [[KarlCharles I dariof Austria|KarlCharles I & IV]]
|year_leader2 = 1916–1918
|representative1 = [[Count Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust|Friedrich von Beust]] (first)
|representative2 = [[Heinrich Lammasch]] (last)
|year_representative1 = 1867
|year_representative2 = 1918
|title_representative = [[PresidenMinister-President Kementrianof Austria|MenteriMinister-PresidenPresident]]
|deputy1 = [[Gyula Andrássy]] (first)
|deputy2 = [[János Hadik]] (last)
|year_deputy1 = 1867–1871
|year_deputy2 = 1918
|title_deputy = [[PerdanaList Menteriof HongariaPrime Ministers of Hungary|PerdanaPrime MenteriMinister]]
|legislature = [[Imperial Council (Austria)|Imperial Council]],<br/>[[Diet of Hungary]]
|house1 = [[Herrenhaus (Austria)|Herrenhaus]],<br/>[[House of Magnates of Hungary|House of Magnates]]
|house1_type = Upper Chamber
|house2 = [[Abgeordnetenhaus (Austria)|Abgeordnetenhaus]],<br/>[[House of Representatives of Hungary|House of Representatives]]
|house2_type = Lower Chamber
|stat_area1 = 676615
|stat_area2 = 681727
|stat_pop1 = 5139022352800000
|stat_year1 = 19101914
|event_start =Kompromi 1867
|stat_year2 = 1918
|event_end =
|event_start =[[Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867|1867 Compromise]]
|year_start =1867
|event_end =[[Aftermath of World War I#Austria-Hungary|Dissolution]]
|year_end =1918
|event_post = PerjanjianDissolution pembubarantreaties{{ref label|aaa|a}}
|date_start = 1 Maret
|date_post= [[PerjanjianTreaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919)|in 1919]] danand [[PerjanjianTreaty of Trianon|in 1920]]
|date_end = 11 November
|event1 = [[Czechoslovakia|Czechoslovak]] indep.
|event_post = Perjanjian pembubaran{{ref label|aaa|a}}
|date_event1 = 28 October 1918
|date_post= [[Perjanjian Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919)|1919]] dan [[Perjanjian Trianon|1920]]
|event2 = [[State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs|State of SCS]] indep.
|event1 = [[Cekoslowakia]] merdeka
|date_event1date_event2 = 2829 OktoberOctober 1918
|event3 = [[Banat, Bačka and Baranja|Vojvodina]] jatuhlost ke tanganto [[KerajaanKingdom of Serbia|Serbia]]
|event2 = [[Negara Slovenia, Kroasia, dan Serbia|Negara SKS]] merdeka
|date_event2 = 29 Oktober 1918
|event3 = [[Banat, Bačka and Baranja|Vojvodina]] jatuh ke tangan [[Kerajaan Serbia|Serbia]]
|date_event3 = 25 November 1918
|currency = [[GuldenAustro-Hungarian Austria-Hongariagulden|Gulden]] (1867-1892)<br />[[KroneAustro-Hungarian Austria-Hongariakrone|Krone]] (from 1892-1918)
|today = {{Collapsible list |titlestyle=font-weight:normal; background:transparent; text-align:left;|title=&nbsp;|{{flag|Austria}}|{{flag|Bosnia and Herzegovina}}|{{flag|Croatia}}|{{flag|Czech Republic}}|{{flag|Hungary}}|{{flag|Italy}}|{{flag|Montenegro}}|{{flag|Poland}}|{{flag|Romania}}|{{flag|Serbia}}|{{flag|Slovakia}}|{{flag|Slovenia}}|{{flag|Ukraine}}}}
| footnote_a = {{note|aaa}} [[PerjanjianTreaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1919)|PerjanjianTreaty of Saint-Germain]] ditandatanganisigned 10 September 1919 danand the [[PerjanjianTreaty of Trianon]] diandatanganisigned 4 JuniJune 1920.