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|year_leader2 = 1837–1857
|title_leader = [[Kaisar Mughal|Kaisar]]<ref>Gelar Mirza diturunkan ke seluruh anak laki-laki keluarga tanpa terkecuali. In the Royal family it is placed after the name instead of before it, thus, Abbas Mirza and Hosfiein Mirza. Mirza is a civil title, and Khan is a military one. The title of Khan is creative, but not hereditary. ''pg 601 Monthly magazine and British register, [http://books.google.com.au/books?id=dyMAAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA601&dq#v=onepage&q&f=false Volume 34 Publisher Printed for Sir Richard Phillips], 1812 Original from Harvard University''</ref>
|stat_year1 = 1700{{efn|Area source:<ref>[[John F. Richards]], ''The Mughal Empire'', (Cambridge University Press, 1995), 1.</ref> Population source:<ref name="Richards1993">{{cite book|last=Richards|first=John F. |authorlink=John F. richards |title=The Mughal Empire|publisher=[[Cambridge University Press]]|isbn=978-0-521-25119-8|doi=10.2277/0521251192|editor1-first=Gordon|editor1-last=Johnson|editor1-link=Gordon Johnson (historian)|editor2-first=C. A.|editor2-last=Bayly|editor2-link=Christopher Alan Bayly|accessdate=14 October 2010|series=The New Cambridge history of India: 1.5|volume=I. The Mughals and their Contemporaries|location=Cambridge|pages=1, 190|date=18 March 1993}}</ref>}}
|stat_area1 = 3200000
|stat_pop1 = 150000000