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β†’β€Žtop: minor cosmetic change
|ImageFileR2_Ref = {{chemboximage|correct|??}}
|ImageNameR2 = Model bola dan batang asam asetat
|IUPACName = Asam asetat<ref>{{cite book |title=A Guide to IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Compounds (Recommendations 1993) |publisher=Blackwell Scientific publications |author=IUPAC, Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry |year=1993 |chapter = Table 28(a) Carboxylic acids and related groups. Unsubstituted parent structures |url = http://www.acdlabs.eu/iupac/nomenclature/93/r93_705.htm |isbn=0-632-03488-2 }}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url = http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/summary/summary.cgi?cid=176|title = Acetic Acid - PubChem Public Chemical Database|work = The PubChem Project|location = USA|publisher = National Center for Biotechnology Information}}</ref>
|SystematicName = Asam etanoat<ref name="BB-prs310305">IUPAC Provisional Recommendations 2004 [http://old.iupac.org/reports/provisional/abstract04/BB-prs310305/Chapter1.pdf Chapter P-12.1; page 4]</ref>
|OtherNames = Asetil hidroksida (AcOH); Asam cuka; Hidrogen asetat; Asam metanakarboksilat; Asam asetat glasial<ref>{{cite book|title=Scientific literature reviews on generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food ingredients|publisher=National Technical Information Service|year=1974|page=1}}</ref><ref>"Chemistry", volume 5, Encyclopedia Britannica, 1961, page 374</ref>
|Section2={{Chembox Properties
|C=2 |H=4 |O=2
|Appearance = Cairan tak berwarna atau kristal
|Odor = Menyengat/Seperti cuka