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|group = Bangsa Belanda <br> ''{{lang|nl|Nederlanders}}''
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|population= {{Circa|29&nbsp;millionjuta}}<ref name="external link">In the 1950s (the peak of traditional emigration) about 350,000 people left the Netherlands, mainly to [[Australia]], [[New Zealand]], [[Canada]], the [[United States]], [[Argentina]] and [[South Africa]]. About one-fifth returned. The maximum Dutch-born emigrant stock for the 1950s is about 300,000 (some have died since). The maximum emigrant stock (Dutch-born) for the period after 1960 is 1.6 million. Discounting pre-1950 emigrants (who would be about 85 or older), at most around 2 million people born in the Netherlands are now living outside the country. Combined with the 13,1 million ethnically Dutch inhabitants of the Netherlands, there are about 16 million people who are Dutch, in a minimally accepted sense. ''Autochtone population at 1 January 2006, Central Statistics Bureau, ''Integratiekaart 2006'''', [http://www.cbs.nl/NR/rdonlyres/4336C8A9-8E06-46BE-B1C0-CB0B21AD1AD4/0/2006integratiekaartpub.pdf (external link)] {{nl icon}}</ref>
|region1 = {{flagcountry|Netherlands}}
|pop1 = 13,236,618<br> <sup>(Ethnic Dutch)</sup><br> ~472,600<ref>According to a 1990 study by [[Statistics Netherlands]] there were 472,600 Dutch Indonesians residing in the Netherlands. They are the descendants of both Dutchmen and native peoples of [[Indonesia]].</ref> <br> <sup>([[Indo people|Indonesian Dutch]])</sup>
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* ''(English)''' Blom, J. C. H. and E. Lamberts, eds. ''History of the Low Countries'' (2006) 504pp [http://www.amazon.com/dp/1845452720 excerpt and text search]; also [http://www.questia.com/read/1379132 complete edition online]