Kerajaan Hongaria (1920–1946): Perbedaan revisi

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Tag: suntingan perangkat seluler suntingan aplikasi seluler
Setelah Perang Dunia ke-2, Hungaria menjadi negara satelit [[Uni Soviet]]. dan pada 1946, [[Republik Hongaria Kedua]] didirikan dibawah kendali penuh Soviet. Baru pada 1949, negara independen Komunis Hongaria yang bernama [[Republik Rakyat Hongaria]] didirikan (Namun dipaksa masuk ke [[Pakta Warsawa|Aliansi Pakta Warsawa]].
== Formation ==
{{main|Aftermath of World War I|Union of Transylvania with Romania|Red Terror (Hungary)|Hungarian-Romanian War of 1919}}
Upon the dissolution and break-up of [[Austria-Hungary]] after World War I, the [[Hungarian Democratic Republic]] and then the [[Hungarian Soviet Republic]] were briefly proclaimed in 1918 and 1919, respectively. The short-lived communist government of [[Béla Kun]] launched what was known as the "[[Red Terror (Hungary)|Red Terror]]", involving Hungary in an ill-fated [[Hungarian-Romanian War of 1919|war with Romania]]. In 1920, the country fell into a period of civil conflict, with Hungarian [[anti-communists]] and [[monarchists]] violently purging the nation of communists, leftist intellectuals, and others whom they felt threatened by, especially Jews. This period was known as the "[[White Terror (Hungary)|White Terror]]". In 1920, after the pullout of the last of the [[Kingdom of Romania|Romanian]] occupation forces, the Kingdom of Hungary was restored.
[[File:Horthy the regent.jpg|left|thumb|200px|[[Miklós Horthy]], Regent of Hungary]]
On February 29, 1920, a coalition of right-wing political forces united and returned Hungary to being a [[constitutional monarchy]]. However, it was obvious that the [[Allies of World War I|Allies]] would not accept any return of Charles IV. With civil unrest too great to choose a new king, it was decided to select a [[Regent of Hungary|regent]] to represent the monarchy. [[Miklós Horthy]], the last commanding [[admiral]] of the [[Austro-Hungarian Navy]], was chosen for this position on 1 March. [[Sándor Simonyi-Semadam]] was the first Prime Minister of Horthy's regency.
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