Kerajaan Hongaria (1920–1946): Perbedaan revisi

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Tag: suntingan perangkat seluler suntingan aplikasi seluler
'''Kerajaan Hungaria''' ([[Bahasa Hungaria]]: ''Magyar Királyság''), dikenal juga sebagai '''RegencyPerwalian''', yang muncul di peta Eropa pada 1920 sampai 1946 sebagai negara ''de facto'' dibawah naungan Admiral [[Miklós Horthy]]. [[Miklós Horthy|Horthy]] officially represented the [[Holy Crown of Hungary|Hungarian monarchy]] of [[Charles IV of Hungary|Charles IV, Apostolic King of Hungary]]. Attempts by Charles IV to return to the throne were prevented by threats of war from [[Little Entente|neighbouring countries]] and by the lack of support from Horthy (see the [[Charles I of Austria's attempts to retake the throne of Hungary|conflict of Charles IV with Miklós Horthy]]).
The country has been regarded by some historians to have been a [[client state]] of [[Nazi Germany|Germany]] from 1938 to 1944.<ref>Seamus Dunn, T.G. Fraser. Europe and Ethnicity: The First World War and Contemporary Ethnic Conflict. Routledge, 1996. P97.</ref>